Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus in the Vicinity of Caesara Philippi (Matthew 16)

- Chapter 213 -
The consequences of over-abundance.

ays Cyrenius: "Lord, You surely are mankind's Master, and at present the most living school of true life, and now I know exactly where I stand, and what mankind is about. Only one thing I can't quite follow, why some nations, provided fairly above slavery level, could in the end still sink into lethergy! About this I would still like to hear a word or two from Your mouth, oh Lord and Master!"
Say I: "Oh friend, consult the history of this Earth's peoples; behold the ancient, well-provided Egyptians, look at Babylon and Nineveh, look at Sodom and Gomorrah! Look indeed at the people of Israel in the desert, whom for forty years I had provided with Manna from the heavens! And look further on for a great many advanced nations, and you shall soon find where good physical sufficiency got these people!
Behold, a well-provided fashion-doll for instance in the end shall do no more than make up and adorn herself all day long, and ultimately she shall become too lazy even for that, letting herself be washed, made up and adorned by others. But that may not last too long either, and such spoilt dame in the end becomes too lazy even for being attended to, thereby becoming quite like a swine, if not a virtual sloth, as they exist in India and central Africa. Question: what can still be done about such women? Of what spiritual education is same capable? I say unto you: she is not suitable even for a whore! Such was indeed the case at Sodom and Gomorrah, wherefore the people began to indulge in sodomy! - Do you understand that?"
"Verily", says Cyrenius, "You have not been so generous yet with Your true wisdom, to my knowledge! I must confess that this time You have told me more than on any occasion I was privileged to hear You. Everything You told us now about the arising and being of mankind in all its relations from the roots up is clear and lucent as the sun, - but I still miss one thing: once I know that too, I shall be well-provided for to eternity. Shall I put the question, or are You going to read it out of my heart again?"
Say I: "Ask this time, for the sake of the others, so that they may know the subject from the outset!"
Say Cyrenius: "Well, then, have the grace to hear me!"