Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus in the Vicinity of Caesara Philippi (Matthew 16)

- Chapter 215 -
Appearance of the first primordial man.

ay I: "Dearest friend, for this I have actually given you quite a clue, by presenting the effect of poverty upon people and nations; but it cannot be disputed nevertheless that Moses' Creation story, when applied literally to the natural world, would be the most obvious crassest nonsense for any man moderately familiar with nature's ways and therefore having to declare the good Moses as a first class fool.
But he who takes the further course of Moses' books somewhat more seriously than some of the Greek poet Alsop's fables, must discern that Moses' with his language of correspondence concerns only first man's primeval development upon Earth, and hence not at all the story of the Earth's and Heaven' creation with all the creatures upon and in the Earth; hence concerning itself in the first instance and almost exclusively with man's first primeval emotional and intellectual development; wherefore he also at once interpolates human history with it.
The story indeed can have been only the sequence of intelligent human development and not a mute created nature, which has remained constantly the same right up to this time, and shall also remain so till the end of all time.
Such is the case also with the Indian Books, in which first the creation of the pure spirits and later the fall of same is treated of, under the heading 'The wars of Jehovah', only then passing to the creation of the material world and the animals and finally mankind.
All this is to be taken only spiritually, and explained mainly in terms of man's moral development.
Whoever is guided by the spirit and is familiar with the correspondence between the material- and spirit world, to him it is then also possible to discern how the material world has gone forth from the spirit world, and how finally the suns and planets and satellites and all the creatures upon them came into being.
But that is not so easy, because it means having to be fully awake in the spirit. For only the arch-primeval witness to all becoming and existence can light up yonder labyrinths for you, behind which no mortal eye has penetrated till now.
However, beyond everything, that the age of the human race in completion, like it is today, still agrees with the calculations of Moses, also according to matter and time, you can be fully sure of.
There certainly were upon Earth, long before Adam a genus of strong animals which, if not in shape but much more by instinct-like, nevertheless very sharp intelligence, resembled the mind of the subsequent human species. Today's elephant, although physically much more imperfect, is a variant thereof.
These large animals also already cultivated the Earth and therefore were forerunners to man. The Earth was inhabited by them many millions of years before man.
Through these large animals, the Earth's stony ground first had to be softened and made fertile for precious fruits and animals, until it became capable of bringing forth man's sensitive nature, in accordance with Gods plan of eternal divine order, as laid into pre-incarnate nature souls, already living freely within the Earth atmosphere.
After the Earth's ground was fully prepared, only then a most powerful soul was called from its free atmospheric nature to form a body for itself from the richest loam, according to the arch-primordial form of God indwelling the soul. And the first, most mature and powerful soul did so, as urged from within by divine power; and the first soul so-to-say entered a powerful body well-organized by herself, enabling her to fully behold all the material world and the many creatures that were before her.
But the large animal race, together with its precursory creation, had long since for the greater part already disappeared from the Earth, when the first man in his godly majesty greeted the wide Earth. Notwithstanding this, remnants of these pre-inhabitants shall still be found in all periods upon and in the Earth, although mankind shall not know what to make of them.
The wiseman nevertheless shall thereby be lead to the conclusion that the Earth is older than the short time indicated by Moses, for which reason Moses shall fall into disfavour for a time. But other wiseman shall be awakened by Me, through whom Moses shall then be set in his fullest light, and from thereon it shall not take long for the full kingdom of God to seize hold upon Earth, and death shall forever disappear from a renewed Earth. Before then however much trouble shall yet come over the Earth.
Yes, the Earth's soil shall indeed have to undergo multiple manuring with the blood and flesh of men yet, and only through such spiritual manure, a period of physical immortality shall set in, like at the times of Adam the era has begun, when the soul was able to build herself from the fat clay humus a perfect body in its God-shape.
But those men, fully re-born already during their physical, mortal life shall then forever reign over this new epoch as pure spirits and angels, and it will be fully entrusted to their guidance. In contrast, people who in current times had not achieved spiritual perfection, will in this newest epoch of the earth still be placed on this earth with immortal bodies, but under much depravation, and will have to put up with the much strenuous servicing, which they shall find very bitter to taste, because they shall only too well remember their formerly happy state in their physical bodies. This epoch shall be a long-lasting one, until finally everything have been transcend to spiritual existence, in accord with God's eternal plan. And behold such is the way of God's order of all things, all coming into being, existence and being!"