Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus in the Vicinity of Caesara Philippi (Matthew 16)

- Chapter 222 -
The ultimate aim of the Creation in aggregate.

(The Lord:) "If you ponder at some depth what I have said unto you with greater maturity than the average man of today, then you shall find and understand, even if not at the profoundest level, that with his story of Creation, Moses, with his most fitting imagery, truthfully and in the order of eternal wisdom only meant the corresponding origin and onward development of all things, from their primordial beginning to their most supreme perfection.
He who does not interpret Moses in this way had better not read him at all; for reading and understanding him literally in distorted fashion, he, with just some modest thinking about it, in the end get completely crazy, becoming incensed with Moses' illogical foolishness and ultimately also about the wanton foolishness of all who, with sword and fire, impose upon mankind such illogical and most foolish doctrine, purportedly even inspired by God's Spirit, regardless of it seeming crudest foolishness even to themselves.
But he who reads Moses with the foregoing and correct interpretation, shall find Moses a most true prophet of not only the most all-embracing wisdom, but also most profoundly saturated with God's Spirit, who had the broadest capacity, paired with the firmest will to impart to all mankind a knowledge of profoundest death about God and all created things, in the way that he himself received it in his gigantic spirit from the Spirit of God Himself.
And thus the suns originated for themselves, the earths for themselves, and each singleness on the suns and earths for themselves, and also in their general connection. And as such man originated in the narrowest sense for himself and also in general, because the whole of creation in all its generalness completely resembles and corresponds with a human, and because every singleness, from the largest to the smallest, of the whole spiritual and material creation also corresponds and must corresponds with a human, because man is the actual reason and final goal of the whole of creation. He is the final product to be won by all the efforts of God.
And since man is that which God desired him to be and also achieved through all the pre-creations to which you stand here as incontrovertible testimony, everything in the heavens as well as the celestial spheres also corresponds to man, as Moses also indicated in his history of creation, and as also other tutors of mankind have done, although in a more veiled fashion. But ponder everything now, and you shall see that all is so, and cannot possibly be otherwise! - But you Cyrenius tell Me whether you are now happy with Moses!"