Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus in the Vicinity of Caesara Philippi (Matthew 16)

- Chapter 232 -
Shell and soul.

(The Lord:) "But there are parts of matter that shall never be part of a soul, and these consist in what is known as shell or encasement material, within which always some soul potency is enclosed, up to a certain development of independence. Once the special soul potency has achieved a certain maturity, it ruptures the encasement, immediately uniting with previously liberated similar, or at least corresponding individual potencies, afterwards creating for itself some other husk from corresponding elements of the air, water and soil, thus immediately another shell as you can see tangibly with seeds of plants, trees and shrubs and notably as with eggs of insects, birds, marine animals and so on.
The encasement material is merely a fixation of willpower going forth from God's order, and as such containing no soul-intelligence, being only a necessary means for a soul-intelligence to, as if out of itself in isolation and over time, actually developing into an independent being.
Wherefore the world of matter is by up to two thirds soul and one third soul-less hull, as carrier of initially individual and gradually consolidating and finally fully mature and ripe soul-life. The encasement material, or God's fixed will, therefore is also a salvation institute, through which the individual, primeval spirits fallen through Satan's fall can, along the established order regain yonder perfect, independent liberty, - although along a more extended path than the first period could have been.
Since time does not however trouble or tire God, because He keeps the achievement and realization of His great ideas constantly, as if currently before His all-seeing eyes - independently of time-duration, a thousand years are before God as a day or a moment; and an earth can then require more years for the release of the spirit, captive in its husk-material, than an unspeakably great number, like finest sand filling Earth to capacity; and ultimately that is to God as a fleeting moment.
I say unto you that there are indeed some worlds within infinite Creation-space that have already completed their service. But they nonetheless continue to endure as celestial spheres, continuing to do so as carriers of the new, free beings, although they now are much more pure and sound, and also unchanging in their structure; like God's solid will corresponding to His wisdom, and eternally consistent order has to be unchanging, since no being could have a duration without such firmness.
Because even if the beings, after their spiritual perfection, possessed a completely free existence, as if completely independent of God, such independence could still not have any permanence if not fixed from eternity within His order, and as one with it. This fixation from eternity however is in actuality for all created beings the very thing providing them their constant duration and maintenance.
However, from this it arises like by itself, that nothing which has ever been created by God in whatever form, can never cease to exist or be disposed of. It can change its form and progress from a lesser to a more perfect form, also in reverse, as we have seen such with the primeval created spirits; but nothing can ever be destroyed, once given existence by God. Tell me Cyrenius whether this issue is now somewhat clearer to you?"