Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus in the Vicinity of Caesara Philippi (Matthew 16)

- Chapter 240 -
Jarah gives testimony of the Lord.

inally one of them, with some wine left in his jug, drank to the health of the wise Nazarene as follows: "Let the one we sought but found nowhere live with our blessings for evermore, if he is still alive and safe somewhere. We shall never be adversaries to his life, which is a blessing for mankind. - Oh, had he only allowed us to find him; we would have laid bare the Temple for him in a way that would stop him hankering after it as we have been stopped, should he still have any regard for it! Since we could not find him however, let us drink to the health of the good body healer from Nazareth!"
This brought tears to Julius' eyes as well as to those of the deeply moved Cyrenius. Tears also came to Jarah and to most of My disciples. And Jarah whispered to Me: "Oh Lord, if only I could speak now, what could I and would I not be able to say to the thirsty rescued ones about You!"
Says I: "Well, if you don't give Me away, then you can let go a little, for these rescued ones shall hear your with strained attention!"
Says Jarah overjoyed: "Oh, if so then I shall at once ask the company's indulgence!"
Say I: "Do so, but you must get a grip on yourself and not start crying."
Says Jarah: "Oh Lord, that I shall be able to try and avoid!" Following such assurance, Jarah rose and spoke in a precise and audible manner: "Hearken, my dear friends who just drank to the health of the Nazarene Saviour, Whom you sought but could not find! This drink I share with you from my heart and the depth of my life; for I had the inestimable fortune to have made His acquaintance, and that at Genezareth itself. Hence I am in a most blessed condition to give you a brief but truthful sketch of His character, and His unheard-of abilities, should you be desirous of hearing it."
They all shout: "Indeed, indeed, fairest child of Genezareth! But take your time to prepare, lest your fairest breast suffers strains!?"
Says Jarah: "Oh, don't let that trouble you. My breast is strong and can take plenty. So behold and hearken. - Like yourselves, I had heard many a thing about the newly-appeared Nazarene miraculous Saviour. Our region however always had been among the unhealthiest in all Galilee. Because every stranger staying there for only a couple of days, certainly fell too sick to continue his journey. There were some that had to remain over a year, whilst the locals were somewhat less affected; yet there were also locals that could be regarded as sick. Hence all travellers meticulously avoided this area, and whoever was not forced there on business was certain not to come right into Genezareth.
When I first heard of the certain Nazarene Saviour, I began to fervently pray to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob that He would let the Saviour also come to the most unhealthy Genezareth. And behold, I had soon been heard, because the Nazarene Saviour shortly afterwards came to Genezareth. And seeing a Saviour without medicines, one pondered: how shall this one heal all those sick? But He soon persuaded us that He only had to say: 'I say unto you' or, 'be healed'. And behold, in a moment all who suffered from any incurable illness whatsoever were healed with such lightning speed that no trace could be found that they had ever been sick! The lame, the blind, the deaf, the crippled, the possessed, the palsied, the leprous and many with hundreds of other sicknesses, - this was all the same to the Saviour; His Word and will healed them all. Julius, a Roman, besides hundreds of others, were witnesses to it.
But He healed not only the peoples' bodies but also their souls and intellects, sweeping blind superstition from the hearts of the foolish and misled, teaching the ignorant in such lucid fashion that it amazed them even more than His healing through the word.
He in the end proved Himself also as a complete Master of nature; for not only water, air, fire and earth, but I would like to say with certainty also sun, moon and all the stars would not show disobedience to His word; because the angels of heaven submit to His will.
He loved me very much just as I also love Him above all, although outwardly He is not really a beautiful man; since He is rather small in stature and His hands are rough and full of work scars, but His head is full of dignity and His eyes probably the most beautiful I have ever seen. Also around His mouth He has an exceedingly friendly, nonetheless at the same time also dignified serious expression. The voice of His month one can only call truly manly adorable; since it sounded at least for my ears more pleasant than the most beautiful singing.
There you have the briefest possible, but most strictly true sketch of the most renown Saviour from Nazareth, which can be verified by hundreds of the most reliable witnesses. - How do you like the Saviour Whom you sought but could not find now?"