Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

First journey of the Lord: Kis - landing place at Sibarah - Nazareth

- Chapter 30 -
Development and law.

he Lord: "If man, irrespective of sex, colour of skin and earthly rank has been created by God for such a supreme goal, which is now no doubt quite clear to you, his spiritual part cannot ever be given a "must" law if he is finally to become that for which God has destined him. Instead, every law should be given with a "shall," and only for wicked opponents of the free law there should be a suitable punishment, always providing a chance for voluntary betterment, which must never appear as an arbitrary, but as a necessary consequence of disregarding the law of order. In this manner the human spirit will arrive at independent thinking and sooner accept the given law and act in accordance with it, whereas an arbitrary punishment for an offence always hardens and embitters the human heart and turns man into a devil show vengeance will not die until he has, either while still in this world, but quite certainly in the beyond, taken terrible revenge. This has to be allowed, for otherwise he could not ever be bettered in the hell of his own heart.
The law-giver and punisher shall never forget that man's spirit, be it good or evil, can never be put to death, but lives on. While he still walks visibly on earth you can defend yourself and drive him off if he persecutes you; but once he has left the body and is able to approach you in a thousand ways to harm you and dog your steps without being seen and detected by you, - say, with what weapons can you then defend yourself?
Behold, I now tell you: the great calamity which would have completely crushed you without Me, you have alone to thank those spirits whom you made into irreconcilable enemies through your over-strict implementation of Roman state law. Hence let this My all-embracing instruction be impressed upon your senses, whereby you shall then become a good worker in God's vineyard, for you lack neither authority nor means, nor a consistently good will; that which you had been lacking however you have now received from Myself. Apply it faithfully, and a fruition-blessed crown shall not fail to reward you!"
Says Cyrenius fully touched by the wise practicality of My instruction to him: "Oh You my holiest, foremost and greatest friend, Master and God of my heart! Only now am I fully in the clear. A thousand and multiple thousands of happenings in my life now come to mind, and I now see that notwithstanding my honest and good will, have sinned against the divine order towards those I condemned to execution will the law's full force was unfortunately greater than theirs. Who shall therefore be capable of ever making good such blatant sins before You?"
Say I: "Don't be troubled. With God nothing is impossible, and I have made everything good for you a long time hence, - or you should not now be with Me!"