Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

First journey of the Lord: Kis - landing place at Sibarah - Nazareth

- Chapter 32 -
Basics about God's nature.

ay I: "You have judged correctly, My friend; but one thing you still forgot - that to God many things are still possible which seem impossible to men. Behold and count My disciples! There are few school-educated amongst them; I first awakened them through the Word and only then let them experience in actuality the foretold power of the divine word. A miracle worked after the preceding pure word is no longer judgmental but merely a reinforcement of the Word.
But I nevertheless do not place the proofs of the miracles that I work into the miracles themselves, but into the light of the world, saying: he who lives in accordance with My Word, such alone shall gain living conviction within himself that My words are not vainly human ones but the words of God!
Verily he who does not receive this stated proof in his heart, to him all other proofs shall be of little or no use! For My words are themselves light, truth and life.
He who hears My Word therefore and accepts same, living in accordance with it, he has taken Me up personally within himself; he who receives Me also perceive Him Who sent Me into the world and who nevertheless is completely one with Me. For whatever I want, He wants too! And He is none other than I and I none other than He right down to the skin which encloses us both. In whomsoever as in Myself, love and wisdom reside in the heart is like Me and like He Who sent Me into this world to heal and make blissful all who will believe on the Son of Man! - Do you all comprehend this?"
Say many: "Yes, Lord!" But some say: "This is for the first time a difficult doctrine, and we can hardly grasp its meaning. How can You and Your Word be one and the same?"
Say I: "If you are not able to grasp what shines as brightly before you as the midday sun, how shall you grasp greater things? If you don't understand the terrestrial, how shall you grasp heavenly things? What and Who is the Father? Behold and understand: The eternal love in God is the Father. What and Who is the Son? That which goes forth from the fire of love, - the light, which is the wisdom in God. And as love and wisdom are one, thus also Father and Son are one.
Where is there one among you who does not have some sort of love and hence some corresponding degree of intellect? Is he on that account of a twofold nature? Or if a lamp is burning with a bright flame that surely is a fire, must he go about lighting flames all over in order to see within the same room? Does not one bright flame light up the one room so well that one has enough light in the whole room? Does not the light proceed from the flame, which is a fire? And since it goes forth from the flame, is it therefore something other than the shining flame itself? - Oh you blind ones! - Natural things like that you are not able to grasp, - how then will you understand the celestial?
Wherefore let him who is offended in Me go home and do and believe whatever seems right to him. For everyone shall once live in accordance with his belief, and the deeds which he shall carry out in accordance with his belief out of his love shall be his judges!
For I shall not judge anyone, but each man's judge shall be his love - in accordance with the Word that I have now spoken unto you!"
Following this explanation, those who previously had not understood My talk come forward asking Me whether they can stay; because they started to see the light, and they would spare no effort in trying to understand My Word more clearly than had been the case before.
And I say: "surely I never removed you but only advised everybody who would be offended in Me to rather leave for their own sake than continue to be offended. Since I have therefore not removed you, why should you not be allowed to stay? Stay if your hearts are anger-free!" With this advice they move back reassured.