Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

First journey of the Lord: Kis - landing place at Sibarah - Nazareth

- Chapter 45 -
About the inner nature of angels.

ollowing this marvellous incident, Cyrenius once again stepped over to Me, saying: "Lord, I have discussed quite a few things with the angels; but from everything that they told me I learnt nothing other than what through Your goodness and grace I already knew. Therefore nothing new came out of that. But what intrigued me was that these indescribably beautiful youths are as it were indifferent towards all that is taking place! Their speech is full of wisdom and the tone of their voices exceeds the most charming lyre harmony. From their faces smiles constant, pure dawn whilst their breath is the fragrance of roses, jasmine and ambrosia. Their hair is as purest gold. Their alabaster-white hands are so rounded and sumptuously tender that I can verily find nothing comparable on earth. Their breasts are the fullest measure of a maiden in bloom the like of which I sighted but once in the Pontus area. And their feet likewise are beautiful and of burstingly luxuriant and glorious proportion. In short, one could get crazy for love towards the two beings! Yet all these glorious, indescribable advantages notwithstanding, from which nothing but the fragrant love and thousandfold love emanates, through which they could reduce even the hardest stone to wax, they nevertheless are so cold and dispassionate as a marble statue in deepest winter. And this also leaves me just about as cold as those two.
There is by no means anything repulsive about them, neither in their speech nor in their conduct; yet nothing moves them and nothing can deflect them from their over-stoic indifference towards all that is and takes place. Their utterances about Yourself are indeed of exceedingly deep wisdom, but their speech seems to me like the reading out of a letter in a language one cannot understand.
Will You not tell me how this is possible with such purely celestial beings? Is this the actual custom of the pure spirits in Your heavens?"
Say I: "That indeed not! But these two behave here in this manner because they have to; yet they have nevertheless in respect of themselves the freest will, and a heart filled with the most intense love glow which would momentarily consume you if the two were to manifest their love towards you!
Terrestrial man indeed can withstand angelic wisdom of the deepest magnitude, but their love only when the love in his heart has equalled theirs.
That this is the state of things you can already discern from the quite natural relationship between terrestrial fire and light. You indeed can tolerate the light emerging from the fire; can you however on that account also tolerate the flame radiating the light?
The sun surely has the strongest light for this earth, yet you can tolerate it quite comfortably! And when the heat rises with the intensifying light, you shall of course find the light harder to tolerate; but would you be like an angel also to withstand the unspeakable light-glow of the solar atmospheres? I say unto you: this solar atmosphere would in one moment destroy this earth with everything it carries like the destruction of a drop of water on a white-hot ore.
He who would withstand such light and fire first has to be of the same light and fire. This is the reason why the two angels cannot express their love toward you because their mighty love would consume you."
Says Cyrenius: "I very nearly understand it, but not entirely like a few other things. Because it does not yet transpire how I could be killed by excessive love."
Say I: "Well then, this also shall be made as clear to you as possible, and so hearken: Have you not of a truth a son and also an exceedingly lovable daughter. These two children you love almost to distraction. Your heart can hardly - for all the love - judge how much it loves the two children, because of how mightily their love is returned. But now vividly visualise the loss of the two through disease and ask your heart whether it could withstand the pain of such loss! Behold, you are already gripped by proper fever at the mere mention of the possibility as an example. How would you bear the reality? I say unto you from knowing your heart that you could not bear the pain a full three hours, it would kill you without fail.
Well then, what is the love and the lovability of your children in comparison with the love and supremely amicable lovability of these two heavenly messengers? If these two were to just moderately look at you with a loving eye and gave you only a finger to taste then the love in your heart would escalate so mightily that you could not bear it but a few moments; and if the two angels then left you only apparently, then such mourning would take over your heart that you would have to die!
For behold notwithstanding the beauty of these My two favourite angels then such their beauty is as nothing compared to when their being is fully penetrated by My love in their heart! I say unto you: everything beautiful and lovely that the world has to offer would then retreat endlessly into the background. - Now I dare say that you have understood Me!?"