Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

First journey of the Lord: Kis - landing place at Sibarah - Nazareth

- Chapter 61 -
The benefits of free will.

herefore, on this earth everything depends on man's free will and the freest possible instruction which the Lord has arranged in such a way that in its practical part it is immediately sufficiently comprehensible to every level of understanding, thus no one can excuse himself with not having understood the teaching
For the "love God above all and your neighbor as yourself" is generally as clear as day. And if a person actually observes this brief, easy to understand, but still all-encompassing teaching, he will as a result be guided through his heart into all imaginable wisdom by the Lord Himself and can thereby become a teacher of his fellowmen. And thus one can draw the other to the point where the Lord Himself will take hold of him and raise him to a true child of God."
Says Cyrenius: "Yes, I have understood it all. I now see the immense destiny set for this earth and its people by God, the only drawback is that in one and the same school so to say, children of God are reared as it were side by side with the children of hell, each towards their respective sphere. But I now also comprehend that from the aspect of God's deepest celestial wisdom it cannot be otherwise. The Lord is wise, good and almighty in overabundance not to also set hell a different course. For eternity surely is long enough to not also create within its endless duration all kinds of modalities within which its children shall surrender together with this tempter and tutor."
Say the two angels: "Here your conjecture far surpasses our wisdom horizons. But as a child of the Lord you obviously are nearer to your Father than ourselves as mere creatures, and hence are better able to discern a purely divine desire in the heart than ourselves, but this much we know - that with God nothing is impossible yet we are unable to tell you a syllable more about it.
If however you seek deeper clarification in the matter then turn to the Lord Himself. To Him everything the future eternities hold most thickly veiled is more lucid than the sun. But we doubt whether he will reveal this to a mortal on account of Satan's sharp ears. For the enemy has a thousand times a thousand ears and one has to carefully beware when speaking about him if not intending to make him ore wicked than he already is!"
Says Cyrenius: "I am with you. Hence I shall say nothing to the Lord about it."
Say I: "You need not speak audibly, for I understand what you secretly say and what you ask in your heart too."