Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

First journey of the Lord: Kis - landing place at Sibarah - Nazareth

- Chapter 63 -
About the return of the Prodigal son.

ncouraged, Cyrenius now asks in his heart: "Concerning Satan, what will once become of him and whether a change of heart on his part can ever be expected." Thereupon the Lord puts the following answer in his heart,
"Whatever happens, does happen for his sake: The lost one is being sought and the very sick is offered medicine, but his will remains and must remain free, for interfering with his will would mean to transform the entire almost endless material creation including all its elements into the hardest rock wherein no life can move. The entire material creation represents the most comprehensive judgement of the Great Spirit, who is split up into countless worlds that, with their endless number constitute his complete being. From this one being goes forth countless myriads upon myriads of beings, as most men of this earth, who through God's power, might, love and wisdom are transformed into complete, godlike beings, and this is a certain conversion of the one great spirit.
But once all the earths and suns will have been dissolved into only human beings, nothing will be left of the one but his 'self' that in its total isolation will after eons of time have to start turning back before it exposes itself to an eternal slow death. Then a material sun and a material earth will no longer be revolving in the endless, eternal space, but a most glorious new spiritual creation with happy, free beings will be filling infinite space and I shall forever be the God and Father for all beings from eternity to eternity and this most blissful state will never end. There will be one flock, one fold and one shepherd.
However, when all this will take place can never be determined in earth years. And even if I told you the figure you could not possibly grasp it. And if I were to describe the figure by telling you that as many thousand times thousand aeons of thousands upon thousand of years will be passing as there is sand in the sea and on all the earth and grass in all the lands and on all the mountains of the earth and drops of water in the seas, lakes, streams, rivers, brooks and springs, you could not calculate all this to determine the final time of redemption.
Hence be content with this: seek above all the kingdom of God and its righteousness, then you shall immediately after the death of your physical body, be awoken by Myself to everlasting life, and in the Kingdom of pure spirits, a thousand earth-years shall pass like one day!
And, friend, in My spiritual kingdom of the most supreme blessedness shall that which here seems too endless to you, be there happily anticipated with ease and brevity. Right now neither you nor any of My disciples can yet be led into all wisdom of the heavens, - but can be so when after few years you shall be baptised with the holy spirit out of God. This spirit shall lead you and all others into all the wisdom of the heavens. Only then shall you behold in the most brilliant light what now must still seem to you as dark and blurred! What has now been revealed to you, keep closely to yourself, letting no one notice anything thereof, for this must be kept secret for a long time yet!"
On perceiving such within himself, Cyrenius was taken aback, saying after some intense thinking: "It was without question Your Word that I heard faithfully and distinctly within my heart as a perfect stream of words. But should the concluding warning be heeded as strictly as that? Could not some of this be made known in a casual manner, as if thrown off in passing, to intimates of upright and honest thinking?! For no man surely could be harmed therewith."
Say I, audibly: "Well, friend, a person who like yourself has received it through the inner path shall of course not be harmed, or I would not have made it known to you but if crowds were to receive this from without, it would seriously harm them. The how and why My angels have adequately revealed to you, and so let us put this matter to rest, for we still have to work out many other things of great consequence which for the moments are far more essential than your question the answer to which shall ripen only in eternity."