Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

First journey of the Lord: Kis - landing place at Sibarah - Nazareth

- Chapter 67 -
The Lord heals one berserk.

hortly thereafter a large crowd of residents come from town, announcing that a person has gone berserk.
I ask them what I should do with the raging one.
The residents say: "We know that You are a wonder-physician since the Pharisees told us today how through Your mere will You made old Josa's house hold completely well, and that You are more than the familiar carpenter Jesus. And so we beg You as our well known compatriot to make this raving one well again."
I ask: "How did he actually become rabid?"
Say the residents: "Indeed, beloved Master, this he got from a mad dog that bit him, and it is a terribly dangerous evil, which has not been capable of healing by any physician to date. When he dies, the entire house has to be burnt down with him; because whoever were to touch would shortly thereafter fall victim to such terrible raving. That is why we have kept him well-confined to his house, so that he would not get outside, where he would cause much harm. Beloved Master, would You please deliver us from this plague?"
Say I: "Very well, so go and bring him out, that he may get well, together with all who whom he infected as they caught and locked him up!"
Say the residents: "Oh Master, who is going to escort him out? Whoever touches him is as good as terrifyingly dead!"
Say I: "If you don't believe and have no trust I can help neither him nor yourselves!"
Say the residents: "Master, were You not able to help Josa's household, which was overtaken by similar evil, without the sick having to be brought out?"
Say I: "Josa believed, but you yourselves don't believe and rather have cause only to see with your half-faith what I would do with the raving one. Hence I say unto you again: bring him out and he and you shall be helped. Because all of you already harbour something similar that can break out imminently; if however you believe and bring him out then the Satanic poison in you shall be destroyed for that very reason!"
Upon these My words they take off, shortly afterwards bringing the rabid out, tied up, who looked frighteningly wild, foaming and roaring like a hungry lion. Catching sight of this raging one, a great fear fell over all My guests, and the women one and all fled into the house, as they lacked the courage to behold this terribly distorted and dreadfully roaring appearance. Even My mother hid in the house, and My disciples also spread out. Judas hid behind a tree and only Cyrenius, Faustus, Cornelius, Kisjonah and Borus remained firmly by My side.
Here I spoke to the residents: "Release and set him free!"
All were terrified, yelling: "Lord, now we are lost!" - And the residents didn't dare to do so for the screaming of the other people together with the disciples.
So I said to Borus: "Then you go and release him; for he is already healed in My name and can no longer harm anyone."
Thereupon Borus went courageously over to the still raging one saying: "The Lord Jesus be with you, and be healed in His name!"
The raging instantly became quiet, his near negro black face became natural again as formerly, and with grateful mien he asked Borus to release the tight bands. Borus immediately loosened the bands which were completely clean and free of foamings. And the healed one went over to Me, thanking Me most fervently for this unheard-of favour, begging Me that he should henceforth be spared such evil.
I said to him: "You and all the others who through you would unquestionably have lapsed into your evil, you are now completely healed, but be friends of people and not of dogs in future.
Rather take children of poor parents into your homes instead of useless and dangerous dogs, and you shall not ever be overcome by the most evil raving, which originates with the Satanic poison that the dogs carry!"
In response to these words, all promise to destroy their dogs this day and not keep such animals in future. But some of feeble faith nevertheless ask Me whether they really now are delivered completely from this evil, and whether same shall never befall them again.
Say I: "Oh ye of little faith! Do you not see that he whom you brought has become completely well? If he was helped then surely you will have been helped as well, since you had nearly befallen by such raving. If I can call the dead from the grave, then such evils surely shall not exceed death itself. Time shall prove to you that you are fully healed. But now depart to your dwellings in peace. Also, go over to the Elders and Pharisees, showing yourselves as fully healed, and then make your offering on the altar which Moses commanded for the leprous after they are cleansed."
Thereupon they all thank Me most fervently, asking Me how they can return such exceedingly great favour.
I say: "Be believing and doing whatever the Pharisees and Scribes shall teach you."
With these words they start off on their return reassured, telling the Pharisees all that had taken place here, making an abundant offering for it.
The Pharisees, not having heard of this rabid one before, begin to be exceedingly astonished, saying: "Verily, this is a healing possible only to God Himself! Such has not been heard in Israel before. Verily, this person does things which none of the very greatest prophets ever did. There is no sickness that He is not capable of healing, and no dead in the grave that he is not able to call back to life. Is not this a man such as the earth has never carried before! Go home now and come back tomorrow and we intend to deal more about it with you."