Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

First journey of the Lord: Kis - landing place at Sibarah - Nazareth

- Chapter 71 -
Bab and his wife astonished at the miracle. Promise of immortality for Josoe.

his was too much for our Bab and his wife and she said to her husband: "Dear Bab, do you not notice that we two are great sinners and that here in the man Jesus dwells the fullness of God? Is He not the One of Whom all the prophets up to Zacharias and his son John have prophesied? Is He not the One Whom David called his Lord when he said: 'The Lord spoke to my Lord?' Is He not the One of Whom the great David speaks when he says: 'Lift up your heads, you gates, lift yourselves up, you everlasting doors, that the king of glory may enter. Who then is the king of glory? It is the Lord Jehovah Zebaoth.' My husband, here is Jehovah and none other. But we are sinners and unworthy to remain in His presence. Come, let us purify ourselves according to the law of Moses, only then can we return and approach Him."
Say I to the two who are so deeply moved: "He Who can raise from the dead can also purify without Moses. So stay, for Moses is not more than I and He Who had awakened him to that which he was. Your sins are forgiven and so you are pure and do not need Moses at all, for Moses is nothing without Me."
Says Bab: "If that is so, and I do not doubt it at all, we shall stay, for Moses will not ever make us any purer than does the Almighty Himself."
Says the woman: "I am only my lord's handmaiden, and so be it the way you wish and understand it to be right. But this supremely holy presence of God overwhelms me."
Say I: "Woman, I saw your worship of God in Nazareth, and what you saw Me do now, I did above all for your sake. Therefore, you may as well bear My presence. But now I impress upon all of you not to mention a word about this to anyone. This is not for My sake or for yours, but for the sake of the many unbelieving people, so that they do not believe in the Son of man under judgement, but spontaneously when the Gospel is preached to them.
The people as they are now would be forced through such a witness as with iron chains to believe in Me which would be most detrimental to their free life. Their later descendants would not accept such reports anyway, regarding them as exaggerated, as pure fantasies of the human mind, and consequently, reject the pure teachings and eternal truth. Therefore, it is better that such deeds that were performed by Me are completely concealed since they would not benefit anyone - especially now during the early time of My ministry.
You, Jairus, who shall eventually, when the time is suitable, return the boy Josoe to his parents, shall quite conscientiously and truthfully explain to him how he should regard this matter. He shall believe, but not want to cause a sensation before the people. This boy, now raised from the dead, will no longer die physically since he has already gone through the decomposition; but when his time will come an angel will call him, and he will voluntarily follow the call, - and then no mortal eyes will see him again anywhere on this earth.
Now that the boy has consumed all his bread and wine and the twilight is already upon us, we shall go home."
We now leave the synagogue and Jairus and Borus close the vault behind them after they have asked the two youths to place the coffin once more in the tomb which was carried out by the two in just a moment.