Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

First journey of the Lord: Kis - landing place at Sibarah - Nazareth

- Chapter 82 -
The story of John the Baptist's end.

(Roban): "Recently the Tetrarch Herod's tax collectors reported to this very Herod the rumours about You and Your deeds (Matt. 14:1) telling him how You put them to flight on the occasion of their tax-extortions and how they were incapable of countering your power by any means. Thereupon Herod summoned his seer. This one, firstly of a fine feather and who secondly as a secret disciple of John could not forgive this prophet's murder by the former, here found an opportunity for immediate revenge on Herod, telling him with firm face and speech: 'This is John, risen from the dead and is now working such signs against you!'
Herod took fright, returning shaking to his servants and saying: 'This is not the carpenter's son, whom I know, for he had barely five years ago with his father Joseph erected a new throne for me, and although only a carpenter of the future, showed substantial skill in spite of being a simpleton. No, this the John beheaded by me, who has risen from the dead, and as an indestructible spirit is now performing deeds against me that no other man can perform. (Matt. 14:2). Hence you should undertaken nothing further against him, for this could bring the greatest disorder over yourselves and me.'
To this his servants are supposed to have goggled their eyes, departing in bewilderment; because within themselves they know that You are not John, - yet feared to argue with the incensed Herod.
But we asked the Chief after this account what there is to the murder of John? (Matt. 14:3) For Herodes caught, tied and threw John into prison because of Herodias the wife of his brother Philippus. Since we knew quite well that Herod had thrown him into prison; but that he had him murdered as well we did not know a syllable yet. Thereto the Chief told us briefly that Herod at first was - albeit in a remote sense - an adherent of John, regarding him as a distinctive wise man and hence he took him up in his court, intending to learn secret wisdom from him. (Matt. 14:4) Since John had said to him: 'It is not right that you have her.' Since he was not however willing to give up his iniquitous love for Herodias, his brother Phillip's wife John got incensed, saying to Herod in a most intense manner: 'It is not lawful before God and your brother for you to have her! For it is written that thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's wife.' (Matt. 14:5) And he would have liked to kill him but he feared the people since they regarded him as a prophet. This infuriated the haughty Herod, letting John be thrown into prison, and would have had him killed forthwith if he had not feared the people, who regarded John as a prophet. (Matt. 14:5)
It so happened that a few days later Herod was holding his anniversary celebrations. On this day Herodias' beautiful daughter danced before him and his guests, which pleased Herod immensely. (Matt. 14:6) He therefore gave the beautiful dancer an oath that he will give her whatever she asks of him. (Matt. 14:7) The daughter first went to her mother who had sworn revenge on John for trying to turn Herod away from her; and so the mother persuaded her daughter to demand John's head.
Thereupon the daughter went to Herod, saying: 'Give me the head of John on a golden platter!'. (Matt. 14:8) Here the king became really troubled, not so much for John's sake but because of the people who he feared would take revenge on him. On account of the oath and those sitting with him at the table he commanded his servants to give the daughter what was requested. (Matt. 14:9) And the servants went and beheaded John in prison (Matt. 14:10) after first removing several of his disciples with certain artifices, then carrying John's head on a platter into the dining room to hand it to the daughter; the latter then passed it to the mother. (Matt. 14:11)
His disciples then returned, finding John's body with the greatest trepidation and sorrow. They carried the body outside and buried him (Matt. 14:12) in the presence of thousands, who wept and cursed Herod and his household countlessfold. Herodias however, at the sight of John's head was supposed to have sunk dead to the floor with dreadful facial convulsions and her daughter a few moments after her as well, whilst Herod and all his guests fled the hall in terror.
Lord, this word for word is the exceedingly sad tale about John the Baptist at the river Jordan not far from the wilderness of Bethabara, not far from where this river drains into the sea then flowing through it to finally turn toward the Dead Sea. What will You say to this? Is it possible that people can actually turn into devils like that, and that at a time when You Yourself, whom heaven and earth obey is walking the earth as Man? Do You have no more lightning and thunders?"
After that Cyrenius and Cornelius step over to me immensely incensed, saying: "Lord, here danger is lurking! We can longer hearken upon Your great patience and longanimity. Here setting hand to task is called for instantly. This entire hell brood together with Jerusalem and the Temple must be extirpated from the face of the earth in ten days at the most."
Say I: "Look here, these two youths suffice to carry out in a moment what all Roman power in aggregate could not accomplish in a hundred years! If all this did not have to take place on account of divine order, then believe Me it would be an easy matter for Me to destroy all this in the quickest moment. But such excess must take place for the development of a new heaven and a new earth.
See to it that you get away from here, because this new Chief is an evil person, and Satan shows him a thousand ways of harming you most thoroughly; hence get away in haste!
I Myself shall be leaving here today and not return to this area in a hurry for one has to evade a raging dog. This is one who has a lot of gold and silver, or he could not have bought such office for himself: with lots of gold and silver one can accomplish much in the world with worldly people, and he who besides that purchases such a position solely on account of profit and domination can be trusted by no means. Hence arise and make off from here all of you, and you Roban return home, because you have not as yet been missed!"
Says Roban: "If they ask me about You, what should I say!"
Say I: "This shall be placed in your heart and upon your tongue."