Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Table of Contents


First journey of the Lord: Kis - landing place at Sibarah - Nazareth

1. Jesus and His stay at Kis and Nazareth.
2. Judas Iscariot, the gold thief.
3. Correct application of miracular- and healing powers.
4. Visit to a drip-stone cave.
5. History of the discovered treasure.
6. The emergence and collapse of the limestone cave.
7. Faustus finds the treasures in the storehouse well-sorted and under guard.
8. About the Kingdom of heaven.
9. The Lord depicts the nature of heaven and hell in parables.
10. The Commandment of Order.
11. The Lord and His disciples" departure to Nazareth.
12. Sarah's second resurrection from death.
13. Scene between Jairus and his wife.
14. About the difference between human and divine power.
15. Philopold's testimony to Jesus" Deity.
16. The Lord visits the Synagogue.
17. The Lord reveals a text from Isaiah.
18. About the nature of God, and worshipping Him.
19. The spiritually blind, impudent and confused Pharisees.
20. The Templers fear the Roman court.
21. Cyrenius and the Templers.
22. Healing of a palsied. The Nazarene's witness of Jesus.
23. The Nazarenes rebuked.
24. Cyrenius" comments on the Nazarenes.
25. The unworthy people.
26. Hints for law-givers.
27. Suitability of the ten commandments of God for the nature of the soul, but their disregard by human (civil) laws.
28. The need for spiritual freedom and a free will.
29. Blessedness of free development.
30. Development and law.
31. Jairus" talk about the effect of miracles.
32. Basics about God's nature.
33. Healing of an old Jew's sick relative.
34. Scene between the Pharisees who were greedy for inheritance and the son-in-law of the old man.
35. Occasion with the inheritance-seeking Pharisees and the old man's son-in-law.
36. The Pharisees' elder Roban with Jesus.
37. Jose the old man thanks the Lord.
38. About the Lord's Deity and His humanness.
39. Angelic influence upon man.
40. Love towards the Lord.
41. True love for God is God's spirit within every man.
42. About judgement day.
43. The Lord Jesus and His at the catch.
44. Personal details about Borus.
45. About the inner nature of angels.
46. About physicians" service out of neighborly love.
47. Suggestions for Jairus. About outward sacraments.
48. Concerning Jairus" resignation.
49. Jairus" resignation. The Lord at the Synagogue.
50. The Elders" comments on the state of Jewry.
51. One speakers' testimony to the Ark of the Covenant.
52. The apologia of the elder.
53. Chiwar's testimony on Jesus" works and life.
54. The angel's counselling of the converted Clerics.
55. The relation of the people to their leaders.
56. Roban and Kisjonah relate their experiences.
57. The service of the angels in the universe.
58. About man's free self-determination and his sinful self-degradation.
59. About the big battle within man.
60. Usefulness of the passions.
61. The benefits of free will.
62. Thinking within the heart.
63. About the return of the Prodigal son.
64. About the nature, life and work of nature spirits.
65. Tales of mountain spirits. About witchcraft.
66. About magicians and fortunetellers.
67. The Lord heals one berserk.
68. A Gospel for the well-to-do.
69. In the tomb.
70. Resurrection of Josoe.
71. Bab and his wife astonished at the miracle. Promise of immortality for Josoe.
72. About true divine worship in man's heart.
73. Supper at Mary's.
74. Judas and Thomas argues.
75. The Lord rebukes Judas.
76. About humility and self-denial.
77. A yardstick for the three kinds of love.
78. The boy Josoe's great wisdom.
79. Two angels offer Josoe their services.
80. Cyrenius adopts Josoe.
81. The death of John the Baptist. Jesus in the wilderness and at the Sea of Genezareth. Roban's report about the new Chief.
82. The story of John the Baptist's end.
83. The occasion with the new Temple Chief at Nazareth.
84. Chiwar's testimony about Jesus and John.
85. The Lord praises Roban and Chiwar.
86. The new Chief Korah and Chiwar in the Nazarene Synagogue.
87. Chiwar and Korah discussing Sarah's awakening from death.
88. Chiwar's opinion of the Temple.
89. Korah and Chiwar discussing the Messiah. Satan challenges Chiwar to a fight.
90. Korah remembers the Lord from the cleansing of the Temple.
91. Jesus' friends at Borus' house.
92. The Lord's mercy upon mankind.
93. Borus speaking about human nature.
94. The shared life of the Lord's friends at Nazareth.

Second Journey of the Lord: Nazareth - Cave at Bethabara (First Feeding of the People) - Mountain of Prayer - Walking on the Sea of Galilee (Peter's test of faith) - By ship to Genneseret in the bay with the same name

95. Healing and feeding miracles of the five thousand people in the desert.
96. The disciples upon the stormy sea.
97. Judas praises the Essenes" miracles.
98. John and Bartholomew clear up Judas and about the Essenes" false wonders.
99. The philosophy of the Essenes.
100. The distressed disciples upon the sea.
101. Peter's test of faith.
102. Arrival at Gennesareth.
103. The Lord with His at the innkeeper Ebahl's.
104. The Lord blesses Ebahl's family. Rebuking the Essenes.
105. The Lord and the Roman Centurion.
106. The Roman Chief's wordly self-assurance.
107. The Lord gives the Chief hints about His nature and ministry.
108. Relationship of a prophet with God and human beings.
109. The prophets as messengers of God and their distinction from the Lord's nature.
110. The walk upon the see.
111. About true prayer.
112. Home discipline.
113. Praising appropriately, and some dangers of praising.
114. Jarah and her diverse prayer experiences.
115. Jarah beholds heaven open.
116. Jesus' teachings to become universal property.
117. Sick ones arrive at Ebahl's. The Jerusalem guests in their mission
118. Occasion of the Centurion with the Templers.
119. The power of love.
120. Jarah's dreams about the crucifixion and Resurrection.
121. The Centurion discussing the Templers' maliciousness with the Lord.
122. Large-scale healing through touching of the Lord's coat.
123. The Lord and the Chief
124. Julius's keen talk about the blessing of the Lord.
125. Three documents
126. The Lord's cautioning against the Templers' cunning.
127. The Lord speaks about the spirit of love.
128. A discussion between the Templers and the Essenes.
129. The Lord and the two Essenes.
130. A miraculous mountain climb.
131. Upon the "morning head" pinnacle.
132. About the nature of fear.
133. Christ, moderator between heaven and earth.
134. The lifting of the Galilean Sea.
135. Testing Jarah's love.
136. The angel's power. Visiting a star.
137. The inner way of viewing the Creation.
138. School for self-denial in the beyond.
139. A look at stellar world order.
140. Developmental periods in the beyond.
141. About the measure of the human spirit.
142. About real spiritual greatness.
143. The disciples are woken from sleep.
144. Jarah's eulogy.
145. The substance of the collective dream.
146. Jarah shows her tokens.
147. The believer' communing with the Lord in their hearts.
148. Natural considerations and spiritual significance.
149. Concerning the sunrise and morning phenomena.
150. The Essenes are commissioned to start a Freedom's school.
151. The blessed morning meal upon the mount.
152. Satan appears upon the mountain.
153. Descending from the mountain.
154. A healing miracle at Ebahl's Inn.
155. The zeal of love.
156. About sexuality of the archangels.
157. About the giving of alms, and anniversaries.
158. David's Psalm 47.
159. About loving your enemies.
160. The shipmates recall their previous night's experiences.
161. The shipmate and Raphael.
162. Reception of the Pharisees at Genezareth.
163. Julius the Centurion tells a few Templers' episodes.
164. About following Jesus.
165. Raphael and Jarah.
166. About love, gentleness and patience.
167. The Lord's farewell and departure to Sidon and Tyre

Third Journey of the Lord: Genneseret - By boat across the bay and then by foot northward in the direction of Tyre - Return to the Sea of Galilee - Mountain at the shore (Second feeding of the people) - By boat to the lodging house near Magdala - Back to the mountain at the shore - On foot to the hut of Marcus near Caesarea Philippi

168. Occasion with the Canaanite woman at Tyre
169. About spiritual possession.
170. The miraculous spring.
171. A great healing miracle on the mountain
172. The Lord foretells the future of His doctrine.
173. The miraculous feeding of the four thousand

Jesus in the Vicinity of Caesara Philippi (Matthew 16)

174. The Pharisees' and Sadducees' attempt to ensnare the Lord.
175. The Lord in a poor man's hut at Caesarea Philippi
176. The disciples' testimony to Christ
177. The hut owner Mark tells Temple abominations.
178. One Temple episode.
179. The Disciples' agitation about the Temple tale.
180. The blessed catch. About the Temple manure.
181. Marcus and the Pharisaical tithe hunters.
182. The Lord foretells His death and rising.
183. Cyrenius' visit announced.
184. Marcus welcomes and greets Cyrenius.
185. The angel's manner of teaching.
186. Cyrenius' present for Marcus.
187. The sea-bound company.
188. The Lord and Simon Juda.
189. A military vessel approaches. The big catch.
190. The new guests.
191. About the angels' and the worldly teaching methods.
192. About the Temple's right to tithes and dues.
193. Dealing with the wrong doers and possessed.
194. Jarah talks wisely.
195. Matter and spirit.
196. Jarah loosens Josoe's gordian knot.
197. About terrestrial man's limits of knowledge.
198. What is truth.
199. The secret of all wisdom's foundation.
200. Josoe and Jarah in conversation.
201. Jarah's garden observations.
202. Applying Jarah's correlations.
203. Materialism and its proponents.
204. Josoe and Jarah discussing Judas.
205. Diverse nations need different guidance.
206. Josoe excuses himself.
207. Josoe's concept about divine acquiescence.
208. Coercive law and love.
209. About inner morality.
210. The nature of matter and soul.
211. Cyrenius' socialistic views.
212. Poverty as educator.
213. The consequences of over-abundance.
214. The contradictions in Genesis.
215. Appearance of the first primordial man.
216. A grain of wheat in development.
217. Man's spiritual development.
218. Soul and body.
219. The Creation of Heaven and Earth.
220. Earth and light.
221. Separation of light from darkness.
222. The ultimate aim of the Creation in aggregate.
223. Cyrenius testimony to the Creation.
224. Fall of the spirits; Adam and original sin.
225. The power of hereditary influence.
226. Worldly concerns and their deleterious effects upon the soul.
227. About the fall of the spirits.
228. Power and resistance.
229. About Satan's nature.
230. Educating the primordial spirits.
231. The consequence of Lucifer's fall.
232. Shell and soul.
233. About knowledge.
234. Marcu's view about one's neighbour.
235. Marcus rescues shipwrecked Pharisees.
236. The Pharisees as critics.
237. The Pharisees' decision.
238. The Lord's guidance and reference to love of neighbour.
239. Julius passes his supreme advice unto the Pharisees.
240. Jarah gives testimony of the Lord.
241. The Temple's intentions exposed.
242. The Archangel Raphael's miracle with the stone.
243. The young Pharisee's apology.
244. Julius instructions to the Pharisees.