Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi

- Chapter 113 -
The future of the pure teaching of God.

elena says, moved through and through by the truth of this lesson of Mine, "Oh Lord, every one of Your holy words has been met with the best response in my heart, and it strikes a chord in my soul: That is the purest and most divine truth!
But such a lesson can only be given to the people by a God; for no human sense suffices! Yes, now I know much and know most exactly what I have to do in the future!
Oh, how magnificent it is to learn the will of the only true God and to act accordingly with all the power of life; but how bitter it is to act where the human arrogance gives laws claiming: This is God"s will!
I always thought that a true God can have only one perfectly true will which can never stand eternally in contradiction with itself, as the human laws, of which one often totally lifts the other out of its foundation; if you keep it, you fall into punishment because of an earlier sanctioned law, and if you don't keep it, the new law punishes you! I ask: How then can a person exist and live?!
Let"s take our old laws of the gods! According to the mouths of the priests: If you make a sacrifice to Pluto, you anger Zeus, and if you make a sacrifice to Zeus, you anger Pluto; but if you make a sacrifice to their priests, who are the only ones who know how to appease the anger of the gods, then you do well! For they alone are the effective intermediaries between the gods and the people. The priests have then often taken all the sacrifices for themselves and in addition let themselves be given an almost divine reverence by the poor, blind people that were bled dry by them, and the people had to tremble in fear. Oh, this purest teaching can and will no longer allow this!"
I say, "Don't let that worry you! But in the end everything that comes purely from above, whether spiritual or material, is all the same; as soon as it touches the ground of the Earth it becomes defiled and impure.
Look at a raindrop! No diamond could be purer than such a raindrop; but as soon as it touches the ground of the Earth the purity is gone!
Go up a mountain, and you will not be able to wonder enough at the purity of the air; but look down into the valley and you will see a great difference between the purity above and below!
How pure fall the snowflakes from the clouds! Look at the previously so splendidly white snow after two moons and you will find it already very significantly dirty!
Look at the wind when it blows from the heights down into the valleys, how much it is bothered by the annoying dust, and even the sun and the moon and the stars lose much of their shine when they draw near to the horizon; yes, even the beams of light of the midday sun often become too easily and too much dimmed by the dusts of the Earth so that in the end the whole sun, despite its very brightest light, cannot be seen so much so that one could say with some sureness: Look, it is here or there!
And so it goes constantly with all the spiritual gifts from the heavens; No matter how pure they may be in the beginning, as time goes by they become as tarnished as all I have just shown you through the dirty worldly interests.
And so it will be the same with this My very purest teaching; no iota will remain un-criticized and untouched!
The temple that I am now building up will be likewise destroyed, just as the Romans will destroy the temple in Jerusalem in not too far a time, where no stone will remain on another!
But this temple of Mine I will rebuild, but the one of stone in Jerusalem never more! But don't you worry about all that; for I know about everything and why it must happen!
For you see, no-one pays any attention to the daylight and heat in summer; but when the night comes, then the light becomes valuable and one only learns to value the heat in the cold of winter.
And it is likewise with the spiritual light and with the spiritual warmth. Whoever walks around in freedom, hardly pays attention to the freedom, but when he is languishing captive in prison, oh, then he knows what a great thing freedom is!
And now see, My very dearest Helena, therefore troubles of everything pure are also allowed so that a person can learn the value of the pure light in a time of greatest troubles!
If then the pure light comes on show in the great night, soon everything that lives and breathes moves towards the light, as in winter the lovelessness of man soon begins to huddle around a warm heart, just as the shivering poor from the cold of winter around a fire place.
But I tell all that to you only and a few others. Keep this for yourself and do not tell it further; for My religion does not consist of this! I have only told it to you, dearest Helena, for your own comfort; but it should not concern a third person at all! All the necessary external is ensured by Me, and it is enough for every person if he cares only for the purification of his heart; if this is in order, all the external things will then be in order too. Have you now understood all this, My Helena?"
Helena says, "Oh yes, Lord! It is unfortunately not very cheering to learn such a thing in advance; but nevertheless everything has its good and very wise reasons, and You certainly ensure only the spiritual best for people, and therefore it must happen as You, oh Lord, have revealed to me in Your endless merciful condescension! Your will be done in all time just as in all eternity!"
After these words Helena fell into a veritable love trance while continuing to press My hand firmly to her chest, which almost began to hurt My Jarah, because during the conversation with Helena I had said almost nothing to her; but the pain soon subsided again when I gave her a friendly look.