Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi

- Chapter 118 -
Mathael becomes viceroy.

uran says, "I have never heard such supreme humanitarian thoughts before! I am a person myself and ruler over many hundred thousand people, and they say from far and wide that my subordinates are the happiest on the Pontus; but nonetheless I had to let the law remain as it came to me from Rome with only a few changes for which I as a ruling sovereign received permission from Rome. But even the softened laws seemed very harsh to me!
How little consideration is given to the nature of people, and to what extent is not considered at all whether a law is possible to be kept for some people, according to his nature and characteristics! How fatuous it would be to claim that a shoe would fit all feet and how even more fatuous would be a law which would ignore characteristics and traits.
But after You, oh Lord and Master, have now pronounced the laws of life, every person can direct himself accordingly, no matter what nature or characteristics he has, and can observe such a very human-friendly law very easily! If I now get home again things will soon look very different in my land!
Mathael and his four companions, who now are completely dressed as Romans, will receive Greek official clothing from me and help me to direct my little state in the beat way; and Mathael I now name as my first advisor and since I have no son, also to viceroy."
Here Cyrenius steps up and says, "And I as the Roman governor over all of Asia and a part of Africa, equipped with all powers from the hand of Caesar Augustus[23.9.63 BC - 19.8.14 AD] who was my brother, and now also from his son[Tiberius], confirm this most superb choice! You, Ouran, could not have found anyone more worthy in the whole world! DIXI! - Cyrenius."
At this I say, "And I confirm him too, for he has already had My anointment in the spirit for a long time; but you, Ouran, can already anoint him with the Nard oil before the people and before all the personalities of your kingdom, so that they know who they are dealing with and what they owe him. He will protect the kingdom from attacks by the Scythians better than a whole army of the most chosen soldiers. I will give him in addition an extraordinary power when he begins to take on this position; he does not need to for now, and his wisdom is enough for him!"
Ouran says, "Lord, would it then not be time and not possible to convert the very dangerous Scythians to the better recognition of Your being? It is a pity for the otherwise so magnificent breed of people that he finds himself in a most uneducated situation. One sees among them such magnificently formed people as otherwise nowhere else on the Earth; but their spirit is a complete nothingness.
It is often amazing when such a majestic shape of a man or a more than paradisiacal beautiful maid comes forward and both often know no language, but often just grunt like pigs, which certainly they neither understand nor anyone else. I don't want to have these Scythians under me for some desire of territorial conquest, but in order to educate them. Could such a thing not happen without a sword?"
I say, "In that Mathael"s companions will do you good service, and your desire will be fulfilled many times over; but all Scythians you will not bring under your scepter, for their realm has an extremely great spread. But those living around the Pontus (Black sea) you can have for your own and educate them according to your discretion."
Ouran says, "Lord, eternal thanks to You in my name and the name of all the people who will be awakened in the spirit through Your teaching! Truly, you will never lack in my effort and my persistent will; just give me Your mercy therefore !"
Cyrenius says, "And I say to you that you can call your own property whatever becomes yours from the Scythians! If you want to hand it over to Rome secretly then you shall be let free of ten consecutive years of taxes for all your land, and your offspring shall have full right of inheritance; and in future after thirty years your land will not be given to the highest bidder. Tomorrow you will receive the confirmation of everything that I have told you written on parchment for eternal times into your hands. Only a strange, foreign enemy could take it from you with violence; but from Rome it remains yours for all times."
I say to Cyrenius, "Give it to him today in writing; for tomorrow is the Sabbath and we do not want to harm the poor in spirit!"
Cyrenius says, "Lord! How can I now write the confirmation at midnight? But tomorrow I will do it before sunrise, and that will not cause an annoyance to anyone!"
I say, "Look there, My Raphael is already finished with it; here take these documents and read them to see whether they correspond fully to your will!"
Cyrenius takes the documents, sets up a torch and reads them, finds them true word by word and then says, "If this was the first, it would amaze me endlessly; but I have already several pieces of proof from Raphael, and so it doesn't amaze me any more for such a thing is just as possible for him as it is for any person to penetrate with his eyes to the furthest star. Well, since the documents are finished, my Ouran should take them into his possession immediately."
Here Cyrenius in a moment gives Ouran the documents with the words, "Take them as proof for you and your offspring, and make sure you win the people for the Kingdom of God, the kingdom of love, for the kingdom of eternal truth, which has come to us mortals in Jesus, the Lord from Nazareth, so wonderfully from the heavens! We are in Him and we live in Him now and shall live eternally."