Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi

- Chapter 120 -
Helena's gratitude and good intentions.

elena says, "Oh father, which mortal could ever have had even the slightest idea about this! In addition we were still in our better thinking too deep dug into our paganism and were not capable of any pure idea, in order to imagine even the slightest possibility of everything that we have received from the single mercy of God the Lord here directly from Him Himself!
But now and forever we can do nothing for Him except to continuously love Him above all. And our brothers and sisters who are our subordinates we want to love them like our own life, so that we can announce to them faithfully and truly the name of the most eminent and holy single true God and give them carefully such a state of mind, through which they can become people pleasing to God the Lord on the path of true love and humility. And Mathael, now my dearest husband, will offer us with his brothers his strong arm and his powerful wisest heart and, and so our well-being in the name of the Lord will also be his and his well-being will be the well-being of all our many subordinates.
That is everything that I can profess as faithful and true before God the All-holy in the most grateful depths of my now very contrite heart. Oh Lord, be always clement and merciful to me, a poor sinner before You; for You alone know best how much I can bear the earthly burden of life! I do not want to go through this life without a burden and I will carry it with the power that you give me, Oh Lord; but do not tempt me beyond that, Lord!"
I say, "My yoke is gentle and My burden is light; but sometimes a little additional weight does not bring you any lasting damage, instead only a great use for soul and spirit.
Your husband Mathael will tell you at the right time what burden he had to carry in order to get rid of everything that was of the world, so that his heart could grow to such strength. What he has now, no power and no eternity can ever take away from him; but what you now have taken in from the outside resembles a seed sown very recently in the earth and that must pass many a test before it becomes a true, blessed, mature fruit.
Therefore do not shy away from the multiple burdens that will meet you here and there on this earthly path of life; for I will send it to you for the strengthening of your soul and your spirit!
If then now and then something comes over you, then think that it is I who lets such a strengthening occur! For the more I love a person, the more he will be tested by Me. For everyone should become equally perfect to Me; for that, however, there will needed be much self-denial, patience, gentleness and the fullest submission to my will.
But whoever moves entirely in My will, will also become perfect in his spirit, as I am perfect, because such a spirit becomes fully one with Me - Tell Me now whether you have understood all this clearly and well!"
Helena says, "Oh yes, in as far as it possible for a mortal person to see the word of God in his temporal, deep limitations!"
I say, "Well that"s good then, and we now want to relax a little after the work we have done! Whoever would like to sleep a little, sleep; but whoever wants to stay awake with Me and pray, should stay awake and pray!"
Then many called, "Lord, we want to watch with You and pray!"
I say, "Then do as you wish! But we"ve got to prepare ourselves for tomorrow; for it will be a hot day. (Turning to Cyrenius) Tomorrow your brother Cornelius and the Captain Faustus will come here to see what has happened in this area; for they do not suppose that you are here and even less that I am staying here. But nonetheless it must be ensured that they find accommodation here with their entourage. This time there will be no accommodation to be found in the city, for the fire will cause damage to the town, because with this burning of the temple and synagogue other buildings and civil houses have been destroyed with them. Tomorrow we must have our wits about us, and it is therefore necessary that everyone prepares themselves well. But whoever is sleepy should sleep; but I must watch and pray!"
With these words I left the party and went onwards up the mountain in order to be alone and to join the eternal spirit of My Father more deeply with My whole being.