Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi

- Chapter 15 -
On the right way to the goal of perfection of human beings.

yrenius says, "Yes, now I am in the clear again; nothing is of use at all! As there is a law for every blade of grass by which it can develop, so there is only one accommodated psycho-moralistic law in the whole existence of mankind under which man can achieve his complete unbound freest independence, or there is only one unchangeable way on which one can reach his true and eternal goal; on every other one of the numerous paths of freedom on which people can morally go along the great, one true goal determined by God can never be achieved!
But that the way showed to us by You, oh Lord, is the only correct and true one, I accept that now very clearly and purely, as clearly as the sun shines on the brightest midday. I also see that every person, low or high, can change to the right path quite easily if he only has the desire to do so; but I also see that no person would have been able to find this way on his own in the fullness of truth and corresponding with all conditions of life. That sort of thing must be revealed from the spirit of God to the people who have the right understanding.
But if the path is now clearly signposted, in my opinion it will still be rarely taken; for the material equipment of the world has too strong a barrier on this single true and correct path, and many who walk along this path will encounter it and turn back, particularly if they do not notice within a short time some wonderful success of their effort, which does not happen so quickly to people who were tightly coupled to the world beforehand, as one might first think.
I hope to achieve the great goal through Your special mercy; but I am only one, and the great Roman State has many millions. How and when will all these, who are people just as we are, arrive at this way?!"
At this the young Pharisee says, "Greatest Master! That was my thought too! We can now walk the path to salvation quite calmly and happily; but how so the many millions who do not have the opportunity to go to the source and discuss their doubts with the greatest master of life?"
I say, "That has also been taken care of! For after Me the gate to heaven remains open and what we are discussing now will still be heard after a thousand years and written down as if it was happening before the eyes of those who will walk the Earth almost two thousand years after us; and wherever there is a doubt one can receive advice from heaven. For as a consequence every man will have to be taught by God and whoever is not taught by God will not enter the enlightened kingdom of truth."