Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi

- Chapter 153 -
Raphael gives explanations on the prophecies of the Messiah.

aphael says, "But that had a tangibly spiritual sense and not a material one! It concerned the Messiah who was coming to the world at that time, about whom all the prophets prophesied, yes even Adam and Henoch, as well as Kenan in his enthusiasm!
The time has now come in which all prophesies have come into fulfillment! Zachariah prophesied as the last prophet in a spiritual way about the successful arrival of the Promised One, and you killed his flesh for this and thereby sealed another faithful bargain with hell, which Cain had first opened for the blind, foolish and evil humanity in his fight with the pious Abel.
But it cannot be held too much against the too blind and too foolish people if they commit sins of all sorts of cruelties in their blindness, and therefore all the less because you have again and again very seriously regretted such a heinous deed, which will be counted in your favor; but now begs the question what you would do if you stood before the face of the Messiah who has walked and taught among the Jews on this world for thirty years, and what your fifty colleagues would do! Would you give Him the deserved honor and recognize Him in your heart as what He is?"
Stahar says, "My all-powerful friend, we could bang our heads and legs against a brick wall trying to answer that question! Who is the very mystically promised Messiah? Where is He? What does He want and what does He teach? Before one knows that, one cannot give any certain answer, for Jehovah's sake!"
Raphael says, "He is what David sang about Him, when he said: "Lift up your heads, O you gates; lift them up, you ancient doors that the king of glory may come in!? Who is the King of glory? It is Jehovah Zebaoth!? (Psalm 24: 9-10) You see, he gives such a proof of the Messiah who is now holy, holy, holy in this world as physically as we are!
But if David now says such clear things about Him, your questions are answered, and you now know what to make of the Messiah; but now I demand a clear answer to the question I set you!"
Stahar says, "If so, which I in my subjective field would not want to doubt, I ask however: What do we do with Moses then, who said quite categorically clearly: No man can see Jehovah and still retain his life!? At the same time we find in Moses a positive interdiction on the part of Jehovah for the great seer, according to which no-one shall ever represent God in any image, no matter how eminent! But you say that the Messiah, according to what David said, is walking around as a person in corpore (physically)!? What happens then to the interdiction of God according to Moses?! One of them must be thrown away, either Moses or your Messiah, for both Moses and David cannot possibly be correct!"
Raphael says, "Neither Moses nor David! For both announce to the people the right, the good and the true! Moses did not say in his promise of Jehovah that He could not appear among the people as a person; he only forbade a graven image to be made of God, somewhat like the golden calf. Thus Jehovah also said to Moses that no-one could see Him as God or spirit and live; immediately afterwards however Jehovah nonetheless said to Moses: Look there - but remain behind the rock! And Moses saw Jehovah's back.
But what does that mean? You see, Jehovah's back, which Moses saw, represents the humanly physical form of how He will be visible to man as the most perfect person! If that is so, how can one reject Moses if one accepts David's evidence?
You have set aside the old Ark of the Covenant for thirty years because the column of fire and the cloud of smoke had disappeared from the old one, and you set a new, very material one in the place of the old! But such a thing is also, without you understanding it, proof for this time and means that Jehovah no longer floats majestically as a single spirit over all matter, as once over the waters of the night, but instead He Himself left such a place in which He could make Himself known as Creator and Father to the other children through the awakened seer only with difficulty and uncertainly. He therefore stepped into the flesh of a person and now teaches the people Himself and confers with His children!
Don't you see here a new Ark of the Covenant, of which the dead new one in the temple is a warning symbol? But the spiritual life of Jehovah, which previously floated over the old Ark, was laid by Jehovah Himself into the God-man thirty years ago, and He is now here in the world and personally teaches the people to recognize Him!
If things happen in this way, can you then still say: one must reject either Moses or David in order to accept that?
It is also written: But in those days the heavens will be wide open and the angels will go up and down to the people of good will, and they will bear witness of the eternal, personified word that is God Himself! That is now happening right before your eyes and ears! How can you then ask anything further?! Or do you still consider me to be only a human being?"
Stahar says, now much contemplating the angel's words, "Hmm, now I feel very strange! It is quite true, and the truth shines out of every word of your heavenly mouth. I am now converted; but there is the issue of my colleagues, that they will also be converted, and then there is the issue of where we can meet the great Messiah in order to hear Him ourselves!"
Raphael says, "Go and tell your brothers, so that they may also believe and become blessed; then come and learn where you will see and speak to the Holiest One!"
Stahar now immediately goes to his colleagues, who are still in the dark.