Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi

- Chapter 175 -
Development of the heart and mind.

say, "This certainly no gospel; but it is what it is, a truth which you will also benefit from in time in order to heal the people from some superstitions. For people have no more massive superstition in any area than in the field of the light of the starry heavens. But it is not yet the time to let the people come to full conclusions about this; for now it is above all important to form real and true people from out of the present human larvae.
However, that can only be achieved when man recognizes firstly himself and then God, and loves Him above all else with all his strength. Once man has become firm in such a belief and is capable of receiving the Holy Spirit from God, he will then become receptive to all other still undiscovered truths and will be capable of understanding them!
But if one immediately filled his head with these things, he would not be able to understand it and would rack his brains so much that he would go crazy!
Therefore this is the basic principle: Mankind must first become true people before receiving all knowledge, otherwise any sort of knowledge would harm them much more than something pious. For all knowledge occupies only our reason which is in our brains; but the heart, as the basis of life, remains untamed, raw and wild, like that of a predatory animal, and with the help of knowledge practices even more evil than without it; for knowledge is a true light to a godless heart for evil of all type and category!
Therefore, My friends and brothers, give the blind firstly the correct light in their hearts, and then let such a light illuminate the reason of the soul, and then all knowledge will be a true blessing to man!
It is certainly praise-worthy to know much, because in this way one can give another person good advice; but it is better to love much and truly! For love awakes and animates; but knowledge only satisfies curiosity and then lies down again on the bed to rest!
And so knowledge truly helps someone a little for a time, but harms him for the awakening of his spirit; but if it comes forth after some time as a certain side-effect of the light of the spirit, it is then also full with all the warmth of life and animates like the light of the sun which not only illuminates as no other light but also animates, because its light contains the warmth of life and wherever it falls it passes it on and animates and draws out whatever is there even more.
Believe Me, the countless wonders that go around there in immeasurable spaces are dormant hidden in everyone's spirit; therefore strive above all that your spirit will be fully awakened, and you will then always see in the greatest clarity what no eye has seen and no sense has felt, and through the other senses you will also be able to feel it most genuinely.
Those who truly recognize and love God in Me, the Son of Man, will receive an abundance of blessings in this life, the magnificence of which no human sense has ever felt before this hour! But on the pure path to knowledge a person will never get there! Do you understand this, Cornelius?"