Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi

- Chapter 236 -
The incomprehensibility of stern guidance. Communion with the Lord in the heart.

(Mathael:) "From this point in time onwards I lost the clear self-awareness, and as much as I can remember now, my body was taken into the active possession of the most evil spirits, and I became a terror to the whole area! My flesh was not pierced by any lance or spear, and the thickest shackles fled from my hands like chaff! The fight with one or a thousand people was all the same to me; those who took hold of me were very evilly dealt with and many were killed! Yet my soul knew nothing of this.
Due to God's will we five were recently captured by the Romans and brought here the day before yesterday. Here the Lord freed us from our great torment. My soul became the only fully intelligent inhabitant of my flesh again, and Moses was in it as before. But the Lord enlightened all the wrong paths that my heart had taken - and listen! - I only now understood Moses and the prophets!
If Abraham's spirit now came to me, I would certainly speak quite a different language with him than about five years ago! I cannot give you the exact time but certainly several years have passed. Now you know how I came to understand the Scriptures!
It is true that I wish no-one to take my path in order to understand Moses, because there is now an easier one; but because you, Murel, have asked me how I came to understand the books of Moses, so I had to show you my sad way, and you can now imagine the rest yourself quite easily!
The other and infinitely easier one is now the mercy of the Lord which can give you in a few moments what I have achieved on the thorniest path.
But here stands the angel of the Lord, ask him, and he will show you how very truly I have now disclosed to you the fate of myself and my four companions! What do you say now to all that?"
Murel says, "Oh, friend Mathael, you have borne a terrible amount and had a courage which is to be sought in the world! You were a devil, it is true, and yet your heart was not ruined, since it demanded truth, justice and love, and because it demanded that, it received also what it had demanded; for the Lord does not let any decent heart be destroyed!
But why did the Lord take you to task so harshly?! For I cannot imagine then at all that the one and only reason for such a rebuke was due to being sent to Samaria to convert the Samaritans to the Jewish faith! Something else must have been behind it all!"
Mathael says, "Certainly, but I know nothing about it even today, and honestly speaking - I didn't have any desire about it; but now I would really like to have a little light about it! Our Raphael could certainly shed light on it for us if he was in a good mood!?"
Raphael says, "It never depends on me or my mood, but instead only on the will of the Lord; for my existence is nothing but the pure will of the Lord! Turn to the Lord in your heart and your request will certainly be fulfilled!"
Mathael says, "That would all be fine if the Lord was not sleeping; but He is now asleep, and it would certainly be very inappropriate to wake Him for this!"
Raphael says, "You too are still a little weak! His body truly sleeps now a little; but His soul and His eternal holy spirit never rest! What would happen to the whole of creation if the Lord forgot about it for even one moment?! It would be the end of everything in a split second. No sun, no moon, no star in all the whole eternal infinity and no Earth that bears you would exist any longer, nor any angel or man would be able to maintain themselves on their own!
Everything that is, is permanently maintained by the all-powerful, eternally same and unchanging will of the Lord, without which no existence is imaginable
If things are so and cannot possibly be otherwise, how can it occur to you to think that He could ever sleep and thereby in sleep not be conscious, which the infinite creation needs in every moment of its being.
The Lord knows most exactly what you are now thinking and what you want. Since I know it, the Lord must have known it long before, because otherwise I could not possibly know it! For everything that we angels know and realize, we know and realize only through the Lord. But now I know about all your tests and hard trials; who otherwise but the Lord alone could reveal it to me? Not you, or the mouth and mind of another spirit, because I could not hear such things without the mind and will of the Lord!
But as I now understand, realize and know everything alone through the Lord, so can you also - but certainly only in as far as you are capable of it in your heart!
Therefore ask the Lord in your heart, and we will see whether an answer is laid in your heart!"