Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi

- Chapter 237 -
Reasons for the difficult guidance of Mathael.

ere Mathael placed the aforementioned question in his heart on Me, and I immediately laid the following answer quite openly in his heart, which he immediately spoke loudly to the three: "The Lord was with the Samaritans who had separated themselves from the poisoned teachings of Jerusalem and had turned back to the pure teachings of Moses and Aaron. You, Mathael, however, were a well-experienced, powerful speaker and had an unbending sense in what you had heard. The Lord knew it and saw that you would have caused Him great damage among the pure, believing Samaritans if you had come into didactic contact with them. Therefore the Lord let you and your companions come among the most infamous highwaymen, knowing well that you would not get free of them before your stiff sense had been made quite soft and bendable. As long as you were a fellow robber in full consciousness among the other robbers, your sense did not want to bend at all, on the contrary you had created a very crafty plan and have brought the about fifty robbers along with their wives and children to a point where they developed sympathy for the basically false doctrine of Jerusalem, because they found in it even assurance and a sure asylum for their thievery.
When you had come so far with them as to attack Samaria the next day as the leader of fifty-five apostles (including yourself) for the well-being of Jerusalem and yourselves and to carry out the teaching of Jerusalem with the most merciless strictness and to make every opponent face the sharpness of your sword, then the Lord allowed you to be admonished by the old spirit of Abraham.
But since this appearance also could not change your mind, only then did the Lord allow your soul to be hidden in the flesh, but for this you body was taken captive by many devils. Since then you were terrorized the area along with your companions!
Even your fifty robber apostles fled from the area and became decent people, and because they saw very well what terrible things had happened to you and your four companions - because of the vicious conversion plan of the Samaritans - they also gave up every intention to convert the Samaritans for Jerusalem.
And so the Lord had made a very effective and healing blow through your highly disordered calculation and let you remain shackled in the courts of hell until a guidable sense had taken hold in your soul.
But the Lord also knew where your soul came from, and how and why it was so rigid, and therefore He let such bitterest things happen to it, because it could never have been corrected in any other way.
In a far distance there is another Earth (world) among the planets that circle this sun, which until now hardly any astronomer's eye has seen. On this Earth (Uranus) there are very hard-headed people who cannot be distracted from a plan or intention that they have once made until it is realized. Even from there souls are placed on this Earth in the flesh for the achievement of the childhood of God and they keep very much of their stubbornness of thought.
But you are in a certain way such a foreigner on this Earth, as according to your soul you come from that world and were therefore so strong-minded and unyielding in your intentions.
In order to make your soul flexible and to form your other-worldly nature of your soul so that it was receptive to the correct and freest truth from God, in order to be able to enter the divine love and through it into the fully true childhood of God, this way was the only true and effective one.
You had to obtain a certain maturity in the hell of spirits and souls of this world, just like the souls of the children of this world, you had to go through the narrowest gate in order to be able to rise to the higher region of life as an ennobled sap of life. You now stand as such before God, the Lord of all life."