!!! HIGH ALERT !!!
!!! The end of our Freedom, of our Existence !!!

The mark of beast is a combination of the vaccine and the chips. Anyone takes the vaccine becomes a hybrid, a killing machine, a zombie, so does the chips. Anyone takes the vaccine and the mark of beast will be lost forevermore. The pandemic is about to break out on a full scale. Because of My mercy, I have held it back to let more people to have more time to prepare, but how many have listened? I will not hold back any more. Comparing with the first one, this next one will be so much worse, no country in the world can be spared from it. A large number of souls will fall into the pit of Hell because of this, do not cease praying for the lost, I desire all to be saved, no one to perish. (Source)


Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi

- Chapter 245 -
On Venus.

ere Raphael laid his hands on each person on the forehead and breast at the same time, and at the same moment the three found themselves with the eye of their soul on the planet Venus and looked well at its ground, creatures and order, even heard the people there speaking, and that was all in a collection to honor the great spirit of all spirits. And what was spoken there said: You people of this beautiful Earth which the Great Spirit created according to His eye, we have gathered here in order to bring this Great Spirit our praise and our honor! Highly powerful and wise is the great spirit however; therefore we can only honor Him in that we show Him in every action towards Him that we are wise in ourselves. The true wisdom however consists in the greatest order possible; the highest degree of this order however is symmetry. If we observe ourselves as the culmination point of all creation! What a balance in the formation of our limbs! How much does one eye resemble the other, one ear the other, one hand the other, one foot the other! Let us look at our figure! Who can say that between us there is not the highest physiological similarity? If there was not a difference in our characters and temperaments, we would not be able to distinguish ourselves from one another!
We see from this as from many things that the wisdom of the Great Spirit must have the greatest pleasure in the most perfect symmetry, and so we want to observe the strictest symmetry then in everything that we do and make! No-one should build his house even a hair's width higher than his neighbor, give it no other form and do not set it a hair outside or inside the straightest line; for such a thing would displease the great spirit, and He would not bless such a disorderly house.
So we notice in all creatures that the round shape is the favorite for the Great Spirit; for the more perfect a creature is, the more it is distinguished by the roundness of its form. Therefore we should also give a rounding to everything that we do; for the great spirit has a very particular pleasure therein and must have it, because we, as beings created according to His measure and gifted with His sense, have also the greatest pleasure in rounded things. It is therefore a commandment to round off everything that we make very obediently. Whoever brings into being something angular and even spiky without need and just permission attracts the displeasure and anger of the Great Spirit to himself!
Therefore we further see that the beautiful white color, here and there a little reddened, must unmistakably be the very most pleasant color to the great spirit, because He gave us such a color as His preferred creatures. So we must particularly observe this color in our clothes above all, and choose and must not let ourselves be led astray to perhaps put any other color on our clothes, for also this would be unpleasant for the great spirit!
Also we should only make use of the straight line where it is needed, as also the Great Spirit likewise makes use of a straight line only where it is unavoidably necessary! Everywhere else we notice rounded shapes, and it is therefore necessary in order to be similar and perfect to the Great Spirit in all things to strictly observe this measure and this form too.
But we know that we can only achieve everything most exactly through the perfected art of counting and skilled measuring. So it is again everyone's strictest duty to strive for this art and knowledge above all; for without this the person would have to appear in just one day a thousand times ugly and despicable to the Great Spirit! For the great spirit sees everything and measures in one moment everything; wherever He meets a neglect in such a pleasing order to Him alone, He withdraws His eye and with it His blessing too, without which we cannot do anything!
But if we are in the fullest order in these main issues, then it goes without saying that we must also be in order in our thoughts and desires; for the outer perfect symmetry in all things must necessarily have the innermost of the soul as a consequence, which the great spirit sees above all of course.
How quickly would arrogance and a destructive lack of respect by a person towards another sneak in and poverty, misery and lack of means; only through the strictest observance of symmetry in everything are such terrible things always kept away from us, and we live therefore all happy, since no one can imagine anything that would make him more exquisite than his neighbor.
Where the Great Spirit Himself has ordered imbalance as necessary, it will do us no harm, but instead only good. So we cannot all be all of the same age. It is a mistake, it is true, in the strict order; but it is fully leveled out by the great spirit in that the old age, rich in knowledge and experiences, makes youth just as rich as it is itself!
And so there are several more similar imbalances in the equality of the commands of the Great Spirit; but they serve us only as our teaching, so that there are also imbalances besides the highest order which however are not blessed because they are allowed, but only because we can recognize the bad in them all the more easily. No one should walk around with torn clothes, but instead patch up the hole immediately with the same cloth, if he cannot get any new clothing!
But it has been noticed among many that they, if they have to make a long journey, use a stick or staff to help them. That is something improper and should be avoided! Whoever already uses a stick because of his age, should immediately take two equal sticks, one in each hand for the sake of balance, in order not to appear ugly before the Great Spirit!
It was also remarked that some give their garden a different layout and organize it differently to what is ordered among the beautiful gardens of the very order-loving neighbors. The Great Spirit has no pleasure in this, and envy and jealousy could develop between you, which would be something quite terrible before the Great Spirit! Therefore ensure that there is the same order in your gardens and on your fields! If gardens and fields stand so beautifully, the eye of the Great Spirit finds great pleasure in this and the blessing comes with the pleasure.
Also observe such an order in your houses, so that if one neighbor enters the house of another it will not seem strange to him there, but instead it will be as homely as his own house! The Great Spirit sees that also with the greatest pleasure; for you are all one family before the Great Spirit and should never estrange yourselves from one another.
If then someone came to us from the end of the world, it must then seem to him completely as if he was in his full home and in his own house! Such a thing is well looked upon by the Great Spirit, and His blessing remains not by the wayside.
Some have begun to build by the great water strange looking buildings which disfigure the area; but the Great Spirit has no pleasure in that. But what the Great Spirit does not like, we should also take no pleasure in!
Look after the tame domestic animals and treat them well; for they are also works of the Great Spirit and are designated to be of use to you. They are living tools for our use and we must therefore keep them in all honor.
So no-one should destroy even the smallest little plant without need, for such a thing would be a lack of thanks towards the Great Spirit for which we would not be able to count on any blessing. But the paths should be kept pure and you should never let grass grow on it so that it will not be crushed underfoot and destroyed in its growth! Do everything most exactly and you will never have need among you!
Observe my words as the will revealed to me for you of the very wisest and all-mighty Great Spirit, and act in strict accordance with it, and you will be happy here. And on the other side you will be blessed in that world about which the souls of those who have left us tell us that they are extremely beautiful and magnificent, and in which we often will get to see face to face the great spirit and His light servants.
As a conclusion I must still tell you something however which a bright spirit told me a long time ago and again now, and this time much more certainly than the previous time. You see well at night the shining great star which is accompanied by a smaller one. The beautiful bright Kapra (this is how the people of Venus call this Earth) you know only too well; but you all do not know what Kapra is. I also did not know it previously. But the spirit told it to me and showed me in a dream-like state Kapra as a just as large world and earth as the one that bears us.
The small star always accompanying Kapra is likewise an Earth, but significantly smaller than Kapra itself. This little earth is very barren and half of it completely void of living beings.
But the spirit showed me a person on that great Kapra and said: Look, this is the Lord! In Him lives the fullness of the eternal, Great Spirit. From now on this spirit will be in the most perfect human form accessible to all of His intelligent created beings like one person to another. The people of Kapra however are mostly like His children, and a great, divine power is given to them all when they, these children, fulfill the will of the man of all men; but those who do not fulfill His will remain foolish and weak and are not accepted as His children, but instead they remain animals like the souls of animals until they have made the will of the great spirit, which lives in this One person, fully their own!
We people should therefore always have a particular respect for the beautiful, bright Kapra! We should also love the great spirit who now lives as the most perfect person on that Kapra as a woman here loves a man and as a child loves the father and mother, then we would also be become able to see and speak to the great spirit one day as a person - which would very much increase our bliss that we expect; yes, the spirit that revealed this to me even said that it will not be impossible for some from our Earth to be made equal to the children of Kapra.
Since you now have experienced such a thing through your ever truest teacher and leader, then believe it, and in your minds pay attention to that star so that the beams of blessing and of mercy of whose light may flow richly to us!"