Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi

- Chapter 36 -
The Lord's speech about the true veneration for God.

ut I said to all those still lying on the ground before Me, "Get up, friends and brothers! Your honor is justified for it serves Him who is in Me, the holy Father of eternity! But He is always in Me, as I, and all of you are in Him, and you should therefore lie in the dust before Me in highest reverence. But that would certainly not be pleasant for you or for Me, and neither you nor I would gain anything from it.
You see, it is enough for ever that you believe in Me, love Me as one of your best brothers and friends, and act according to My words; more than that is nothing, since I did not come to this world to be given idolatrous divine honor from man, like Mercury or Apollo - instead I came to make healthy all those sick in body and soul, and to show the people the correct path to eternal life! That is all I demand of you; everything above this is vain, foolish, and idolatrous and leads to nothing.
It is certainly true that man should worship God, his creator, without ceasing, since God is holy and worthy of all worship; but God in Himself is a spirit and can therefore only be worshipped in the spirit and in truth.
What does that mean, to pray to God in the spirit and in truth? - You see, it means this - believe in one true God, love Him with all your power above all things and keep His dear commandments.
Whoever does that, prays firstly without ceasing and secondly he prays to God in the spirit and in all truth; for without deeds every prayer is an utter lie which does not honor God as the eternal truth, instead dishonors Him!
So stand up as free people, as My brothers, as My friends, do not further perform any idolatry before Me and do not betray Me before the correct time; for that would hurt the world more than it would do good!"
After My words they all rise again from the ground and Mathael says, "Yes, truly, only so can a god speak full of the highest wisdom and love! Oh, how differently I think and feel now from how I thought and felt before! - Oh Lord, only do not leave this favor unheard: Never allow our souls to go through such a test as that which Your love, mercy and power has just freed us!"
I say, "Remain in Me by hearing My word, keep it and live by it, and My power and My love will be in you and will protect you from all temptation!
But My disciples have already recorded the most necessary things that people need most; read it, understand it and do accordingly, and you don't need anything else before My rasing!"
But I turn to Cyrenius and say, "Friend, here we are at an end, and we want to now go to the others and see how heavily they have sinned against the laws of Rome. But take care - it will not be easy to talk to them; for they are tough customers! - But let"s go there now!"