Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi

- Chapter 68 -
On sinful sexual intercourse.

(The Lord) "But if a single or an already married man gets randy with a voluptuous wife of his neighbor without his knowledge, this is a shameful whoring. Such a wife is then genuinely a whore and the randy men who whore with her are then the genuine whores who as such will never enter God"s Kingdom because such a shameful whoring consumes all the good senses in their soul and kills every spiritual element.
But such whoring is also no better than genuine adultery, yes, even often much worse than adultery. For in adultery such circumstances can hide in the background which alleviate the crime of this sin very much and deserve to be considered by a judge; but in whoring any alleviating circumstances can never be taken into consideration; for the stinking lecherousness is involved and deserves no usual natural consideration before the court.
A wife who lets herself be led to this without any provable need is bad and does not deserve the least consideration; for the weakness does not excuse her here, since each wife can achieve a sufficient strengthening through correct trust in God. But even worse is a wife who entices men herself into her wooing net in order to be lecherous with him in her husband"s absence!
But just as criminally shameful is a man of single status, and even worse if he is married, if he attracts women to him, has sex with them in secret and then pays them at the end of this whoring; for such a man firstly leads the women to shameful unfaithfulness and secondly makes them almost fully infertile, and thus destroys her like an evil storm destroys the fields, so that a seed can never more be planted and be of any use.
In quite a similar category a single man can also be placed alongside a married man, if he lets single maidens (girls) come to him so that he can commit sexual acts with them for some payment; and every girl who sells herself is as much a whore as any married woman who sells herself for money or other gifts.
The maidens should only be diligent and hard-working and then they will never need to say that need has prompted them to do it; for every honest man is fond of an industrious and hard-working maiden and will not let them suffer want. But if some employer is a mean and hard person, well, leave him and his service and seek another; it will not be difficult at all for an industrious and hard-working maiden to find a good service where she will certainly suffer no want!
At worst, however, will be those who make an active effort to induce to lewdness such hard working but immature maidens or even girls through all sorts of presents. Truly, such men, whether single or married, resemble rapacious wolves in sheep"s clothing and will reap their benefits!
But whoever drags a maiden or a young girl to him with violence should be judged here already! Violence may consist of whatever it likes, whether strength of hands or in enticement through very valuable presents, it makes no difference in the crime. Also the strength of speech or the use of magically numbing means, through which the female sex seemingly willingly gives herself to the randy will of the man, does not alleviate this sin at all, even if a fruit is conceived through this whoring; for such a conception is against the will of both parts and therefore does not contribute at all to the mitigation of the crime.
But the very most shameful whoring consists of the violation of boys and of the sullying of other limbs and parts of the female body, as are ordained by God[for that purpose of procreation], or even in the violation of animals; such violators are to be completely eradicated from all human societies for ever.
But in the sentence upon such crimes it should always be taken into consideration to which level of education such a whore or such a prostitute belongs; likewise it should be seen whether the randy person is not possessed by some evil spirit which drives him to do such things. In the first case the community should ensure that such a weak-minded person is brought to a place of correction in which he should be disciplined like a spoilt child until he has become another person; for once a person has conquered over the animal nature of his flesh and his understanding has become clear, he will begin to lead a purer life and will not lightly sink back into his old animal nature. In the second case, in obsession, such a whorer should also be put behind lock and bar; for such people should be removed from free human society because of the great offences.
Once they are in good safe-keeping, they should be healed through fasting and prayers should be said over them in My name. Once they have been healed and it shows that they have become free of their impure obsession, they then can be fully set free again."