Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi

- Chapter 98 -
Ouran's thoughts while aware of the presence of the Lord.

fter these words by Mathael, Ouran says, "I must admit to you openly, however, my now ever more worthy friend, that a sort of fear is created at the thought of the sudden extinguishing of this sun; for I see the whole impotence of a person against the unlimited all-power of Him who is in our presence but basically is too holy and endlessly eminent for the likes of us, who know his being, to draw near to him! Or that I would dare to talk to him in a very intimate tone like to you or to another person!
It is quite a peculiar thought and it puts my teeth on edge: He is all in all and we are all perfectly nothing in comparison with Him!
Certainly that comforts the likes of us again that He in Himself is the highest and purest love and therefore has the greatest patience, care and mercy with us pitiful, mortal people.
But he is God after all, and unchangeable for eternity and completely immortal, and the whole infinity in its existence hangs like a drop of dew on a loose ear of grass on his will; a lightest counter breath of his mouth could destroy the whole infinity, as only a quite light breath blows the very light dew drop from the tip of a blade of grass.
You know, when one considers such things with a sober mind quite calmly in oneself, one cannot possibly get away from this thought: There is and remains a certain something in the visible proximity of the All-mighty which on the one hand one could call the highest bliss; but on the other hand one would rather stand far off from him. To honor him from a certain distance would be a great pleasure for soul and spirit and would certainly build up a person very much, but here nearby one can only do that secretly in one"s heart.
So I would like to speak to Him now. I am longing powerfully to do this, but one cannot gather courage because of His too endless size of spirit, although He looks in His appearance like a very undemanding and fully comfortable person! The certain, purely divinely all-mighty type remains all the same, and one sees it in His eyes, on a hair and on his brow that heaven and Earth must bow before His will, beams of light positively come out of His eyes, and His brow orders into being which never existed before.
Yes, friend, that is a crushing sight, to see the creator of the worlds and heaven in the body of a simple and fully undemanding person before one"s very eyes! Truly, there is no longer any talk of any joke! But it is so, and to the Lord alone be all praise, that it is now so, for without Him we would be in a very desperately bad situation under today"s circumstances!"
Mathael says, "Certainly that, I and you in particular; for the wicked would have strangled me, and the eclipse of the sun would have consumed you! But now let us pay attention; for from now on the false sun will not last too long, and at this sudden extinguishing of this quite rare sun the spectacle will be over!"
Then all become quiet and look at the false sun.