Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 100 -
The teaching of Moses and the teaching of the Lord.

(The Lord:) "Oh, surely it is not enough only to know and to believe what is good, right and true according to the order of God and all heaven, but one has to act accordingly in all love and joy of the heart, only then comes the kingdom of God and His justice truly under you people and only then makes you to true children of God!
What use would all insight and knowledge be to someone, but he would not act accordingly, but would stay with the old habits of worldly customs?! Would he not resemble a foolish person, who receives a palace as a pure present, where he should live with his family peacefully and in all comfort?! This person, however, would have a great joy about the most marvellous and most comfortable facilities, but he is used to an uncomfortable living in his old, small and dirty hut since childhood, and despite his recognition of the good and exceedingly effective, marvellous and exceedingly spacious palace he nevertheless stays in the moist, unhealthy and highly uncomfortable hut with his family and continuously complains about the great shortcomings of his small dwelling!
Yes, if such a person is not a fool, then nobody is a fool in this world! But a still by far much bigger fool is he, who has My teaching and has recognised it as the everlasting truth, but in all his actions nevertheless remains an old yoke ox!
I say it to you all: My yoke put onto your service nape is quite soft and the burden put on you to carry is exceedingly light. Who will carry it, will have little trouble. But who does not want to carry it, will have to ascribe it to himself, if he feels bad, bitter and wretched. Show each other the right love, and you will rest on gentle and exceedingly soft cushions! But if you rather prefer stones under your heads, you can have them; but when the morning of life appears nobody should complain, that his head became sore and painful!
If you have a loyal and a disloyal servant, would you not be enormously stupid, if you let go the loyal servant because he is for a much shorter period in your house than the real, old rogue who have cheated you at every opportunity?! Therefore all your old ways of worshipping must disappear completely; since it is not suitable for the pure teachings out of heaven, and this teaching is not just a new piece of cloth to repair an old, completely torn dress, but on its own it is an entire new, ready dress, for which the old, bad dress must make room!
I do not imply under the old dress Moses and the prophets - since they are a purest gold from heaven -, but I refer to your people's law by the picture of the old, torn dress. From them and the doctrine of the temple, nothing can be done anymore; because if you wanted to place a completely new patch on a wide gaping shear, one would not be able to stich it on, since the rotten material of the old dress would not be able to hold the stiches.
In the past Moses has given a constitution to the Israelite people for the entire household and for all needs and emergencies of mankind; but this has been completely disfigured, and even as refigured again it does not serve My teaching anymore. Since if one ploughs, one cannot harvest; but if the sowed wheat grain has become ripe, you hire reapers, and then the plough is of no use to the reapers. Moses has ploughed, the prophets have sowed, and now the reap- and harvest time has come, where Moses with the plough in his hand is of no use anymore. We will harvest now and gather into our sheds whatever is ripe; but after the harvest the plough of Moses will again be given to you for a repeated breaking up of the ground for a new sowing of the purest grain out of heaven, and there will be placed guards, who will keep an close eye, that the enemy does not come and sows weed between the purest wheat!"