Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 103 -
The development of matter.

(The Lord:) "When in the prebeginning I placed the spirits as My matured ideas, outside Myself and filled them with My power to such an extend, that they themselves started to think and to will, they also had to be shown an order, according to which they had to think, to will and finally to act. But with this shown and given order, an impulse had to be placed in those first beings to ignore the given order, otherwise they would never be able to make any use of their will. Only the impulse placed in them, produced a true life emotion in them, according to which they began to decide, to chose, firmly to will and to act.
It is, if you know this, quite easy to understand, that already in the first created spirits a certain weed had to begin to show, because the impulse lifted many of the first created spirits out of the order and finally by the continuously mightier growing opposition they had to harden, and in this way laid the foundation of the material creation of the worlds.
The first main central suns were created, and out of them finally all the countless other suns and world bodies and with them everything else what you can discover and find on, above and in them.
Everything what is and called matter, was originally spiritual, which voluntary has stepped out of the good order of God, founded itself in the wrong impulses and hardened therein, which then formed matter. Matter is therefore nothing else then out of itself hardened spirit under judgement; or stated more clearly, it is the most coarse and most heavy skin or shell of the spirit.
However, the spiritual can with all the still so hard and coarse surrounding shell never become so quickly complete matter, but continues to live and exist in matter, irrespective of its nature. If the matter is very hard, the spiritual life in it is also severely bound and cannot express itself or unfold any further, if it is not given any help from the outside.
In a hard rock life can only reach some expression, if the rock over a long time is soften and is getting more and more eroded by rain, snow, dew, hail, lightening and other elements. Thereby some life escapes as ether into the air, some part forms itself a new and lighter wrapping, initially in the form of tender mould- or moss plants; but over time dissatisfied with this wrapping, the more freer life seizes each other and creates soon a new wrapping, wherein it can move more freely and independently.
As long as the new wrapping is tender and soft, the imprisoned spiritual is quite happy and does not asked for anything better. But the initial very tender wrapping becomes by the inner activity of the spirits, which now increasingly pushes the pressing matter to the side, again harder and more coarse; therefore the spiritual life strives upwards, hence forms the blade of the grass and subsequently the trunk of the tree and tries to protect itself from the below following increasing hardening, by the continuously produced and increasingly narrower rings and incisions. But since in the end by this activity no rescue from total solidification can be expected, they narrow the lower trunk as much as possible and escape further into the small twigs, threads, leaves, little hairs and finally into the flower; but because eventual all this will within a short time become harder and harder and the biggest part of the spirits recognize, that all their efforts are in vain, they start to preserve themselves so to speak into cocoons which they quite firmly surround with to them corresponding better matter.
Thereby all kind of seeds and fruits originate. But the most selfish part of the freer life in a plant does not gain much; since that what enclosed itself in a firm germ shell, must complete the journey as many times as the seed gets into the moist and life saturated earth. The other more patient part of life, which allowed itself to become a guard and carrier in the lower matter for the most keen, most timorous and most impatient life, soon decays and passes over into an even higher and freer life sphere, still continues to wrap itself, but normally already with corresponding animal forms; and what has been consumed as fruit by animals and even people, the coarser part will be used for building and feeding the flesh, while the more noble part becomes nerve-strengthening and enlivened spirit, and the very noble part becomes soul substance."