Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 108 -
On the hereditary evil of self-love.

(The Lord:) "You have heard of the hereditary evil - at least the Jews! What is it and how is it made up? See and hear!
It is the old self-love as the father of the lie and all evil out of it; but the lie is the old, sinful matter, which is in fact nothing else than a loose and sinful appearance of self-love, selfishness, haughtiness and imperiousness.
All this originated out of the necessary stimulus, which I had to place into the spirits for the sake of recognition of the own free will; although the stimulus was necessary, the sinful coming into existence of the material world was absolutely no necessity. It was only allowed out of My order, as an unfortunate necessary consequence of the so many spirits which did not wanted to resist the stimulus, although they were able to, - just like six times as many primordial created spirits were able to, of whom only one is standing here to serve us and carries the name Raphael.
The enemy who always strewed the weed under the pure wheat, and still strews, and will be strewing for along time to come, is therefore the old self-love, and the consequence as known to you is the weed, and in the furthermost sense the perfect example of all kind of matter, lies, Satan and devil.
But My word is the noble and pure wheat grain, and your free will is the field, in which I as the Sower of all life, strews and sows the purest grain of My eternal order.
Do not let yourself be overpowered by self-love, but fight it easily and powerful with the glowing sword of the true, most unselfish love for Me and your next brothers and sisters, and you will keep the field free of all weed and soon you will yourself enter My kingdom as a purest and most valuable fruit, and see and lead new and pure spiritual creations in eternity!
But pay attention that the enemy, or self-love in you, does not take up an atom size space in you; since this atom is already the seed of the true weed, which can in time completely take over your free will, and your pure spiritual then goes continuously more and more over in weed or matter, where you yourself become a lie, because all matter as that what it is, is obviously the most cardinal lie!
The smallest atom self-love in you, My current disciples, will in a thousand years become entire mountains full of the most toxic weed, and one will immure My word on the back streets and streets with the worst excrement, so that no lie full of haughtiness and hate can be offended by it! Just stay pure in My order, then you soon will see the wolves and lambs drink from the same brook.
I now have given you an explanation of something which had never before given to any spirit in his mind, so that you can infer from it, who is He, who is the only one who can give you such teaching and why. Surely not only for the sake of the teaching, but because of the true deed according to it! Therefore you should not only become futile and surprised listeners of My teachings, which never before have been preached to mankind so openly like now by Me. It is also not enough that you now clearly recognize, that it is God Himself, the Father from eternity, who has spoken to you, but you must seriously investigate your heart, that its love does not contain any atom of weed. If you find it, weed it with all the still so smallest roots and become active galore according to My for you not unknown order, and you will forever harvest the true life use from it!
So that you also can see that everything is like I have explained it now, I will open your eyes for a short period of time, so that you can see and experience everything by yourself. Therefore pay close attention to everything you will see now!"