Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 109 -
Salvation, reincarnation and revelation.

or easily understandable reasons nobody was prepared for this explanation, and there was amazement and surprise among all present, which, just like My explanation, did not have its equal.
Many hit themselves on the chest and shouted very loudly: "Lord, Lord, Lord, kill us, since we are standing as too big sinners before You; and everything by our very own deliberate and unaware guilt! Only You are good and holy; everything else, however, which carries a material shell, is evil and curse-worthy in itself. O Lord, for how long do we have to walk around in our own matter? When will we be released from the old curse?"
Says I: "Right now, since I Myself blesses all matter thereby, that I Myself have incarnated Myself with your old curse and thereby have brought a blessing to it! All old order of the old heaven including the heavens comes to an end, and on the foundation by which I have blessed matter, a new order and a new heaven will be made, and the entire creation, as well as this earth, must be equipped with a new constitution.
By the old order nobody could get into heaven, who once was stuck in matter; but from now on nobody will be able to truly come to Me in the highest and purest heaven, who did not, just like Myself, has gone through the way of matter and the flesh.
Whoever is from now on baptized in My name with the living water of My love and with the spirit of My teaching and in My name according to strength and deed, from him the old heredity sin is forever wiped off, and his body will thereby not be the old murderers pit of sin anymore, but a temple of the holy spirit.
But everyone should guard himself, not to get anew contaminated by the old, toxic weed of self-love! Beware only of that, than you will also holy your flesh and blood; and when the pure spirit in you becomes the sole ruler, then in him and through him not only the soul will rise to a perfected, eternal life, but also the flesh and blood of the body including skin and hair!
See, which difference there exists between the former and now! As it will be arranged now, it will remain like that to eternity.
The sun, which was previously full of curse, will from now on be full of blessings, and also everything which in endless space has any form of being! Since as I have told you, I now make everything new, and all old relations must be changed, because I Myself have changed Myself, thereby that I Myself have clothed Myself with matter.
But this I add to it and say: Who does not believe and is not baptized with the water and the spirit in and on My name and My word, for him it will remain by the old! Such will not get to My kingdom and will not see Me in the beyond, but will stay at the most outer borders of My kingdom, where there is a lot of darkness and night and a lot of howling and grinding of teeth. And heaven's purest light will not in any other way penetrate to them, as the light of a small fixed star to this earth, and about My true life heaven they will know just as much, as the people presently know, how the fixed stars look like, and what is in them. And the people can day and night for thousand times thousand centuries ponder about it what these shimmering dots are, even after that long period of time they will just know as much, as they currently know. Certainly, in time persons will rise, who will invent weapons for the eyes, to see distant objects just as if they were standing close by; however, with the fixed stars they will nevertheless, never achieve anything, since they are much too far away from earth.
In the beyond also the heathens, who did not believe and have not been baptized, will in their best sphere be placed similar, and will from a most far distance observe My heavens and think about them like the present people are looking now at the earthly starry sky, and the views they have about them. After a thousand years they will surely know more about it than now and will eventually discover that these are all suns; but what a sun is, how it gives light, how big and how far away it is, how many planets orbit around it, and how they look like, which inhabitants they carry, what cultures, languages and customs are present there, - they will not be able to discover with their minds!
And if you, who know much now, would possibly tell them, they would still not believe you; since a pure world mind, like it is firmly at home with so many heathens right now, does not believe anything what he can't see and can't touch with his hands.
Yes, I will in those future times here and there among the true supporters of My name, awaken men and maidens, to whom are given by Me all secrets of the heavens and the worlds in their loving hearts; but there will be only a few who will accept this as a convincing truth!
However, to whom it will be revealed, will see it, and will have a great joy and will praise the name of Him, who has revealed such things as a fully convincing truth to them, to which otherwise no person's mind can ever penetrate.
Yes, there will come a time when there will be persons on this earth, to whose sight the entire creation will be unrolled like a secret writing of God; but nobody, who did not previously believed in My name and is baptized therein, will not share in such mercy!"