Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 115 -
Jarah and the nature spirits.

ays now Jarah resting next to Me: "But Lord! What are these little men? They came out of the woods and surrounding us in large crowds and in all colours! Some seem to have a misty dress; but most of them are completely naked and all have the size of nearly two year old children."
Says I: "These are natural, already concrete human souls, who did not have gone the way through the flesh as yet. Until now they also do not have a great desire for it, because they fear too much a new imprisonment in matter. The clothed ones even have some sort of a language, which of course is quite limited; but they all possess a certain intelligence of apes!"
Says Jarah: "Would the clothed understand me, if I talked to them?"
Says I: "Just try it, hit or miss!"
Hereupon Jarah gathers some courage and asks a misty clothed light blue one: "How are you then, and what do you want form us?"
The light blue little man comes quite close to Jarah, stares at her with quite stiff eyes and says: "Who gave you permission, you stinking flesh, to ask us pure?! Except for one and another you smell disgustingly of matter; and this is the biggest enemy of our noses! Therefore in future ask only then, you stinking cadaver, if you are ordered by the almighty spirit of all spirits to do this, - otherwise take care, how you can rid yourself in good manner from your fleshy moth bag!"
I ask Jarah: "Now, My little daughter, how does this answer taste?"
Says Jarah: "Lord, Lord, o, these beings are terribly raw and rough! Am I really such a stinking cadaver? I cannot help myself because of so much melancholy; yes, I could quite easily despair!"
Says I: "Behold, behold, My little daughter, the little spirit has even done you a favour! Why are you hurt by that?! The little spirit could have said it to you with more sweet word, that in you quite secretly still resides a very small beauty haughtiness; but this little spirit is no linguistic artist, does only have a limited vocabulary and talks more out of his feeling rather than any form of understanding.
Is your soul happiness destroyed, because you have spoken to the light blue? If you had ask one of those glowing red something similar as the light blue, he surely would have given you an answer, that you would have fainted being so furious. But now thank him for the good deed which the light blue has given to you and it will be easier to talk to him!"
Jarah takes this to heart and says to the little spirit, still stiffly staring at her: "I thank you, dear little man, for this boon, which you have given to me by your straight, bare words; just don't be cross with me about it! Right, dear little man, you surely will not remain upset by it with me?"
Here the little man laughs brightly and says, still laughing: "The one who said this to you, is quite alright, - but you snowy gosling, still falls short by quite a margin; since on your smelly soil neither the thought nor the will for it has been growing! But you are now more tolerable to me then before; but your little beauty haughtiness I certainly do not like. Just don't think too much of yourself; since everything belonging to you, is bad, - the good belongs to someone else!"
Says Jarah: "But tell me, dear little man, from where do you know all this?"
The little man laughs again and says: "What you see, you do not have to know! You also see now more than what you otherwise could see! But I see now even more than you are, since I do not have put a stinking flesh around myself; and therefore I can see precisely what you and everybody else is made of. I tell you, just don't fancy yourself because of your advantages; since with you they are not nearly your property!"
Says Jarah: "Yes, why so? Explain this to me better!"
Says the little man: "If someone who travelled a lot and has thereby collected all kinds of knowledge and experiences through many troubles and discomfort, and tells you all this what he has seen and experienced, then you will also know what he himself knows; can you thereupon take any pride therein? Since that what you now know more then earlier, is only a double reward for him, who in the first place with great trouble and many sacrifices has collected such knowledge and experiences, and who secondly was so kind, to tell you about everything in great detail. Tell me, if you can reckon the acquisition of such experiences and knowledge to your own credit?
See, you are only standing there as a useful book written full of good knowledge and experiences, but you are not nearly the wise writer of the book! To whom belongs the credit for the good which has been written into the book, the book or to him who has written everything into it? See, you are a book written full of good things, but not nearly a writer! Therefore, just don't fancy yourself!"
Hereupon the little man laughs again and stands upright like a general and says to his army: "If you have satisfied your curiosity about this society, let us move on; since here it just smells too much for me!"
Suddenly they withdraw and disappear in the woods.