Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 117 -
A tangle of soul substances.

aid Mathael: "Oho, what tremendously big tangle is floating from the area of the town in our direction?! It comes closer and closer. Look, look, how it disorderly curls and snake-like winds! What are all these strange figures?! I notice distinguishable like oxen, cows, calves, sheep, chickens, pigeons, all kinds of birds, flies, all kinds of beetles; donkeys, also some camels, cats, dogs, a few lions, fish, adders, snakes, lizards, crickets, straw, all kinds of wood, masses of grain, clothes, fruit, even all kind of tools and a great amount of everything which I does not recognise! What does this represent?! Are these also souls, which are sewed into an exceedingly big and completely transparent bag and swirling around on the inside like loose chaff in a whirlwind?!"
Says I: "These are souls or respectively spirits of a lower kind, a disaster company held together for some time, which only then will part, once it has become more ripe inside the nourishing bag.
Everything that exists anywhere on earth, is soul matter. If its physical material cohesion is by whatever means destroyed and thereby freed as a soul, it seizes each other after the destruction in its earlier material form and continues to exist for some time. If in time this form has become more mature with intelligence, bit by bit it will start to leave the old form and goes over into a form with a greater life potential.
This tangle is a collection container for everything; whatever has been destroyed by the fire and through the fire, you will find in this tangle as soul substance, with some intelligence attached. That they all appear together and mixed up in this bag like a cage, is due to fear.
If for example at any point on earth large elementary revolutions are to take place shortly, what of course is caused by a big movement of nature spirits or - souls, also all animal souls are struck by a great fear. Then all different kind of animals start to accommodate each other quite friendly and form a very peaceful society. The adder is not concerned about its venom anymore, the snake too; the tearing animals does not attack the peaceful lambs; the bee and the wasp have put their sting like a warrior his sword inside the scabbard. In short, everything changes its nature; even the plant world let their heads hang down sadly, and no plant raises its shy head before the calamity is over.
Really everything - with the exception of man -, which was destroyed by such an opportunity, unite with each other as soul substance after the destruction in the continuing fear and if necessary protects itself by an outer skin. If such a loose soul tangle has floated around for about a century, the original different soul elements have attracted each other more closely, in time they start to unite, and then form one or even more powerful nature human souls.
This floating tangle before us contains everything which has been destroyed by the fire of Caesarea Philippi. This tangle will need more than a hundred years until it is fully developed; but then more than a hundred mature nature human souls will penetrate the light outer skin and about another hundred years later make their way through the flesh.
During blazes, at fire-spitting mountains, also with great floods, similar tangles are forming. Where there are less animal elements, the transformation takes longer; but if there are animal elements mixed in, like here, it normally takes less time.
It is not necessarily the result, that from a tangle where there are no animals present, still nature human souls should develop; there can also develop nature animal souls or even again more noble plant souls, where the latter normally develops from decaying mists or from all kind of so called volcanic steams and smoke masses.
In short, if with mists it can be proved, that they either originate from decaying coarse-animal and also from coarse plant material or just from fermenting processes of minerals, only all kind of plant souls are developing and unite according to the largest parts through the roots, according to the somewhat more noble parts in the leaves and according to the most noble parts when the opportunity arrives of flower mating with a from a germ bursting and active becoming plant soul, and form thereby the blissful multiplication of seeds and their germs.
The coarser of such plant soul specifics stay in the matter like the trunk and in the wood fibre material, the more noble are getting into the tender leave construction, the still more noble determine the fruit itself including what occurs before and after, and the most noble already unite in an intelligent germ life, which has the ability to either awaken itself to a similar new life, to start the old activity anew, or unite immediately with the soul of an animal- or even human soul by being eaten by an animal or human respectively.
Therefore man mainly only enjoys the fruit of plants, so that the plant germ souls can immediately unite with his soul, the coarser parts of the core and the fruit only with the blood and flesh and with the cartilages and bones, which after the separation as still impure has to reach purity by several cycles in the kingdom of the plant world, until it fully matures as a germ spirit to be taken up in a new animal- or even human soul. - Now you know by the way, how these tangles originate and what happens to them, and what their final goal is, and therefore you can continue with your observations and see, if there is not another appearance coming up!
But this, what you see here, is the explained ladder of Jacob, through which he saw heaven and earth connected and saw the powers of life and saw the thoughts of God rising up and down. Jacob certainly saw the vision, but neither he nor anybody else up to this hour ever comprehended it. I now have revealed it before you; but for that you all had to be placed in a sort of bright sleep, to see the revealed Jacob's ladder and finally understand it by My word, so that you know how the heavenly is linked to the earthly on the same ladder - the one always going over to the next. - Look over the lake, this means with your spirit- or rather soul vision, and tell Me what you see!"