Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 118 -
The nature of oxygen.

ays for once Zinka: "Lord, I see on the surface of the water like an immense number of fiery snakes moving to and fro; some dive below, however, the speed of their movement is not hampered by the water mass. I see right to the bottom of the lake; at the bottom there are large number of monsters of all kind, also countless many fish, and all snap at these fiery snakes. If the fish or another monster has devoured one or more of such fire snakes, they become more active and alive, and an expressive kind of lust flashes from these water beings.
I now see these fire snakes, but only much smaller and less bright, also floating around in the air; in the region of the water they are most dense. Birds, who are in the habit to amuse themselves over the surface of the water at night, seem not to love them very much; but the fish are jumping out of the water to catch them. Those swimming above the water, have the strongest shine and have a movement as quick as an arrow! - What, o Lord, is that? How should we understand this?"
Says I: "This what you see there, is the actual nourishing material of life, it is the salt of the air and the salt of the sea; some time in the future the nature-wise (scientist) will call this element oxygen. They will not see it, but observe it, and they will determine its properties and its occurrence more or less or also its complete absence.
Water, as the main life element for plants, animals and people, must have this oxygen in abundance, especially the large world oceans. The animals in the water would not be able to live, if the water would not be continuously be filled in plentiful measures with this material.
This material is originally the actual soul substance and corresponds with the thoughts, before they are even combined into an idea. But where you can find this soul life material in sufficient quantities compressed together, soon a form will show, either animated, this means as tender and moving, or as completely stiff like a rock or like a piece of dead wood. Just look especially at the shores, and in some places you will discover a particular, dotted stinging lightening; this originates from the crowding together of this life material.
You can see it now how our fire snakes here and there are coming together like a lump by the hundreds of thousands in numbers. Such a lump formed like by coincidence, produces for a short period of time a very bright light. This intensified lightening is the moment of seizing-each-other of a great number of these life fire snakes; with this seizing an idea with a form is already completed.
Once the form is in order, a state of rest takes place, and the particular lightening has stopped; but therefore a creature has already been formed. It shows either in the form of a crystal or as a seminal grain or egg or even already in the form of a completed water animal or at least as a little water moss plant, - which is also the reason why you quite often see with your eyes of the flesh the shallow and level shore areas covered richly with all kinds of water plants. And where such plant location are present in abundance, there will also be no shortage of all kinds of larger and smaller water animals.
You ask now, who models these life spirits, of which the one looks the same as the next, into either stiff or life-moving shapes?! This question will be best answered by My Raphael. Come, Raphael, speak and show yourself to be practical!"