Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 119 -
Raphael presents how the organic beings were created.

ere Raphael comes forward and says: "God in Itself is everlasting and infinite. Infinite space is filled only by Him. He as the highest, purest and greatest thought and the everlasting most perfect idea in and out of Himself, can only, as everything from eternity, create continuously thoughts in His whole infinite space, and it is full of the same out of Him; we (the primordial angels), as His for you people unthinkable times already matured and now independent life ideas full of light, wisdom, realisation and will power, have an infinite number of serving spirits underneath us, who so to speak form our arms and recognise our will and execute same immediately.
The pure thoughts of God are the substance, out of which everything which infinity contains, has originated: originally only we by the will of the most highest and almightiest spirit of God, - but then all these things and beings through us, who were the first and most superior receptive vessels for the thoughts and ideas coming out of God - and will from now on in an elevated and increasingly more perfect manner remain such forever.
We take the life thoughts coming from God, which present themselves visibly to you in the shape of long tongues, combine them and form continuously according to the order of God in us, forms and beings; and if someone would ask you, from where God or we as His so to speak already everlasting servants, messengers and workers, have taken the physical material to form the beings, - there in front of you, you have it now! These snake-like and fiery long tongues are the spiritual building blocks, out of which everything, whatever the whole of eternity contains as material being-like, is made of.
How this making is executed, the Lord Himself has already shown to you very clearly. But you will all this only then understand in the fullness of true life clearness and perfectly comprehend, if you are yourself completely as life-perfected standing before God the Lord in the spirit and not in the heavy flesh anymore.
But so that you according to the will of the Lord, as it is possible for you now, can see, how we mighty and old servants of God from these thoughts of God which are floating around in this space, can create forms and beings, look with the eyes of your souls, and you will learn something, what until now no mortal has ever seen on this earth!
See, in the name of the Highest I now have instructed my serving spirits, to bring quite a lot of this necessary material here to me! And look, we already have a bright shining lump of our fiery long tongues in front of us, which does not have any other form than this of a round ball of fire! Just look, how these fiery long tongues are cuddling and crowding together, as if each one wanted to creep into the centre! It seems that after a while they are coming to rest; nevertheless, this is no rest, but only an obstacle by the increased crowding towards the centre, to get closer to the centre.
Yes, why then does everything strives for the centre? See, if I have separate same size balls to throw, then the one which is heaviest can be thrown with the highest speed and will travel the farthest distance, or it will at an equal distance and concurrent start certainly arrive first at the set target! It is similar with the endless many being-like thoughts emanating from God. Among them there are so to speak quite heavy ones, which are almost already equal to an idea, whereby the less heavy ones are still just very mature thoughts; then there are lighter thoughts which are less mature and less light-fed, following are very light thoughts which just have been thought as something, and finally there are very, very light thoughts. They are those which can be compared with early-germs or better the early buds of a tree. In themselves they are already something, but do not as yet have reached the required divine maturity, that, when looking at them in isolation, one could say: 'They will take on this or that shape!'
If now someone of us wants to form a being from this now known life-substance to you, according to order of the divine will and actually must according to the most inner impulse of the most highest spirit, he calls the spirits serving him, and they have to bring together sufficient quantities of this known substance; and it is here spiritually as easy understandable as of course physically seen, that the heavier thoughts will be here quicker than the lighter and even very light ones. The heaviest apparently form the centre, while the lighter, arriving later, must be content with the more and more outer zones, while the very light ones are forming the extreme outer shell.
Since the central thoughts are already most richly nutrient-fed, the more empty, poor and still hungry are crowding against the rich, to yield something from their abundance to become saturated. And therefore you have the phenomena in front of you, how and why the most outer fiery long tongues continuously strive for the centre and finally seem to come increasingly to rest, although their striving is still the same, to come to the centre as close as possible, in order to consume more of the nutrient rich centre.
Thus you see here a lump, which is to the greatest part still very hungry and does not want anything else than sufficient saturation. It is similar to a ball polyp of the sea, who sucks its food from the mud of the sea with its thousand times thousand little sucking proboscises, until the ball polyp finally starts to grow protrusions from overeating, by which means he can reach further away from him and in time also can move away from its location. With the gluttonous arms it also obtains an autogenous and more distinctive form and distinguishes itself to quite an extend from its original ball shape.
All of you are secretly astonished about this my derived explanation of the first primordial beginning of a being and its form by means of a presentation of a growing being, as it only can be and never could be otherwise; just turn your sight to the outer nature of things, and you will find the same only too easy and soon!
Just take for example the ovary of a hen and look closely at the clustered little egg lumps! You will notice that some are still very small, like small pease, others are already like berries, and still others like small apples. Inside a light skin is nothing else than the yellowish yoke material! Still how shapeless is this being!
But now this central material becomes more fed and begins to deposit the clear. After a while of feeding the coarsest is separated from the clear, however, it does not move away from the egg, but it deposit itself as a very firm shell around the egg and serves it as protection against being damaged during birth. Observe now a laid egg; how different is it not from the first egg-embryo in the mother's body!
Now the hen sits on the egg and warms it for some time. What changes are taking place inside the egg! In the yoke it starts to stir and to bring order, the right thoughts (fiery long tongues) find and connect with each other and attract the closest relatives to them. They unite again partly with the first and even more among each other, but attract immediately the closest relatives from the outer, this means the lighter ones, to them. Within a short time you will already discover the little chicken's heart, head, eyes, entrails, feet, wings and little down feathers. Once the being has progressed so far, the orderly arranged parts attract more and more of the same kind from the available material to it and develop from moment to moment more and more.
Once the form and the organism is nearly completely developed, during such continuous activity also the original main- and middle thought was more and more being strengthened, supported and saturated and begins now, with the exceeding abundance of its life, to go over into the organism and takes over the reins, and the being becomes visually alive and only then completes its development completely.
Once it has been completely developed, the life-thought which has been gone over into the whole organism, which is actually the soul, soon discovers, that it still lives in a prison. Because of that it stirs with more strength, breaks open the prison and walks completely exhausted and full fear into the big world, since it does not feel sufficiently strengthened. It immediately starts now, to take in outer world food, and thereby immediately starts to grow further, and this for so long until it has placed himself with an easy feeling into balance with the outer world nature.
And we now see a fully developed, fertile hen in front of us, which again has the ability, to take in, partly from the air, partly from the water and to the largest part from the already soul-containing organic food, the feeding soul-specific parts, where the spiritual parts are used for the further development of its life soul and the coarser parts, not only for the preservation of its organism, but also for the new creation of little egg lump deposits, from which according to the orderly development as shown to you, again a hen, male or female, will emerge.
The gender originates from each times greater or lesser of the original heaviness, degree of maturity and strength of the living soul basis thoughts. If this is already from the beginning fully matured, so that it is already in itself an idea, its development will lead to a male form; however, if the primitive of the basic life thought is standing on the second and lighter level, the development will move towards a female shape."