Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 120 -
Procreation in the animal and human being.

(Raphael:) "Through mating by animals only the impulse is provided for the orderly activity of the basic soul-life-thought already present in the egg, since without this impulse it would remain in its dump gorging rest, live from its neighbourly surrounding and this vice versa from it, and this goes on for so along, until they have consumed each other up to the last little point. But this can also happen with the other eggs which have been excited during mating, if the necessary later development requirements have been missing or are not added in the right quantities.
With all animals the act of mating provides only the impulse to what is already present in the female body; since plant- and little animal soul lumps continuously gather in certain numbers and arrangements at certain places in the mother body. Once they are there, they first excite the mother, she excites through her excitement the male, and he then fertilizes the female, - but not like placing a new seed in the mother, but only for the active awakening of the little life lump which is already present in the mother.
This occurs thereby, because the male seed, consisting of more free and unbound life-spirits, as such encourages the bound life-spirits in the little life lumps of the mother to a proper revolution and force them to become active, since without such compulsion they would remain in their sweet sluggishness, and never would seize each other to form and to get organised to become a being. The male seminal spirits continuously tease and itch the life-spirits in the female and give them no rest, while the mother's life-spirits continuously oppose such teasing, yes sometimes, if they are very powerful, can even make the male seminal spirits go quite, - which act in the agricultural language is called 'spilled', what quite often especially happens with cattle, but also with other animals and even occurs very often with people. Because the life-spirits in the mother life lumps are destined too much for rest, rather than too pleased being engaging in any continuous and orderly activity. But once they are sufficiently and properly excited, the process will move forward.
And see, exactly such a mother life lump we have here in front of us for an open observation! Look, how it already came to rest during the time of my explanation to you! If I would leave it like this, it would in its striving shrink more and more towards rest, since its parts would more and more be drawn to the centre, sucking it completely empty and finally have to waste away with it. Because such life-spirts are so to speak like little children, shy and timorous, and take, once they have wrapped themselves up, no food from the outside anymore, but keep sucking continuously in their mother centre, they must shrink up to a point size little lump. But now we will draw strong and as such excited primordial male life-spirits closer for activity only, and let them continuously stroke this sluggish female lump, and you will see, what effect this will have on the female lump.
See, by means of the many subordinated service spirits I now have according to the will of the Lord, as you can see, the very bright shining, long-fire-tongue like primordial thought life-spirits, which were playing at the water there, drawn to here! Look rather closely now, how they start to eagerly romp around the floating female life lump in front of us! And see, already all the smaller female life spirits begin to stir again, and are trying to get rid of those lively, male life-spirits; but they never give up, and the excitement of the female life-spirits goes deeper and deeper up to the main life centre!
Now also even this start to act, and since the life-spirits surrounding the centre become quite hungry by the strong activity, they are obliged to take food from the light of the male life-spirits, and thereby become themselves again brighter and fuller, but also the central main life-thought gets a male nourishment. Compelled by this activity, the core surrounding spirits receive an impulse from within to get more and more organized into a kind of well ordered bulwark. However, the more powerful life-spirits towards the centre, now properly bright, recognize themselves and their purpose and their order and group according to their kind of purpose and their relationship; and already you can see organic connections forming form it, and the outer changes into a form, which more and more starts to resemble an animal being.
By this activity and by this battle all life parts become more destitute for nourishment, and this is increasingly provided by the males. The outer life-spirits which are getting more and more organized, are starting to become familiar with the male spirts disturbing them, the old fear and shyness disappears, and this also transmits to the inner spirits. Everything starts to stir and move more freely, and the result is a perfection of the being, which in a very short time has developed to such an extend, that you are, the children of the Lord, can already determine which type of animal is starting to appear. See, a very strong female donkey grows from it, and the Lord wants it to stay and does not get dissolved anymore!"
Note Hebram and Risa: "The good Raphael must be in the mood to create donkeys! Two days ago to our astonishment he also was quickly ready with one!"
Says Raphael: "Let it be, what at that time had to take place for your education! This female donkey means something completely different here; it is for you all a necessary symbol of the right humility. It is also with you people on earth not otherwise, if you rush your judgements and decisions, and finally as a result normally only a donkey or at least a good piece of it appears. Here the issue is, to show you in a very short time the development as from the primordial beginning, and because of the rush also a female donkey appeared -, if you had to joke about it.
This female donkey will be mated by the donkey from yesterday, and in the following year a person from Jerusalem will buy both of them, and its colt will be thought of for eternity!
But nothing further about that; it is sufficient that you have seen, how from primordial life-spirits (single thoughts of God) a natural being originates without a mother, like from the primordial beginning. But if you want, I also can produce other beings in all quickness!"
Say all: "Mighty servant of the Lord, this is absolutely not necessary; since for our education this one quite wondrous example is more than enough! More could only confuse us than enlighten us!"
Says Raphael: "Good, then listen a little longer to me! I now have shown to you the fathering and the development of a being, irrespective of its kind, once in an already existing mother's womb and here now a free one, as it is and exists on every new planet, or on any newly formed island on an already old planet, what from time to time always takes place.
But now you should not associate this example with the coming into being and fathering of people, namely on this earth; although many similarities take place, nevertheless the reason about it is very much different!
A female person also contains some nature-material in herself; but if fathering takes place in the manner familiar to everyone, also a little lump is fertilized and excited, but it is torn off like a single grape from a bunch, brought to the right place, and an already completed soul is added, looks for some time after this life grape, until the material in it has developed to such a state, that the continuously contracting soul can penetrate into the still very fluid embryo, which activity takes the soul two month to accomplish. Once it has completely empowered the embryo in the mother's womb, the child becomes immediately noticeably alive and quickly grows to its orderly size.
For as long the nerves of the flesh child are not fully developed and are not active, the soul works with self-consciousness and with all zeal and arranges the body according to its needs; once the nerves are all fully developed, its continuously developing spirit becomes very orderly active, the soul then is getting more and more to rest and finally goes to sleep in the area of the kidneys. It now does not anything of herself anymore and only vegetates, without any recollection of an earlier naked nature state. Only a couple of month after birth it slowly starts to wake up, what can be observed quite well by the decrease of sleep addiction; but until it recovered some of her consciousness, it requires a longer period of time. If a child masters speech, only then does the right consciousness gets into the soul, although without any recollection; since this could certainly not be of any use during the higher development of the soul.
But the soul, completely stuck in the flesh, sees and recognizes now for the time being nothing else, than what is presented to her it by the senses of the body, and cannot recognize anything else in itself, because it is and must be darkened by the flesh mass to such an extend, that it most of time does not know, that it exists even without the flesh. For a long time it feels completely identical with the flesh, and it takes a lot, to bring a soul in the flesh so far, that it starts to feel and to view itself as something self-like, - what is again absolutely necessary; since without it, it could not hold a spirit inside of itself and of course never could have awakened him.
Only when the spirit starts to awaken in the soul, it becomes lighter and lighter in the soul; it starts to recognize itself more precise and discovers deeply concealed things in itself, with which it of course does not know much what to do.
Only if the spirit and its mighty light becomes a full deed in the soul, then all recollection returns to the soul, but of course everything in a transfigured light. There does not exist any delusions or deceptions anymore, but only the most bright, heavenly truth, and the soul is then one with her divine spirit, and everything in it and outside it becomes the highest joy and bliss!
Do you all now understand a little the picture of the mysterious ladder of Jacob? - Until this far me, what further the Lord Himself with you!"