Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 121 -
Reason for the revelations of the Lord.

"What can there be what we still do not understand?!" said all present after the lesson by Raphael.
And the captain Julius added: "If this goes on like this, we ourselves will be transformed into gods! Would it be possible to maintain this clairvoyance whenever we choose, we could, with a strengthening of our will, become gods ourselves and produce wonders; but this our clairvoyance is only the result of the magic light from the sphere over there, and our will is weak like our recognition, and therefore we are and stay only weak people!
When I just look and think all the things which are possible for the angel, however, not one iota of it for the most will-powerful person, one only then recognizes the infinite difference between God and between humans. One can understand it with the hands: God's everything and human's nothingness. May these great depths of God's wisdom and power amuse anyone, but do not please me; since I feel just too clearly in me, that I am a perfect nothing compared to such an angel as Raphael. What am I then compared to God?! No, no, this is and called: nothing!
One knows and realizes quite a lot and sees miracle over miracle, so that one can loose ones sight and hearing about it, and should one try afterwards ones own will, if according to it also such long fire tongues might move and struggle to form a pure lump only, o, not one single atom will move from its locality, not mentioning one of these fire tongues! Therefore I regard it as better, if one knows and recognizes a lot less, because then one is not tempted, to also produce miracles. I'm already getting fearful and frightened because of all this enormous amount of knowledge and recognition! Why must I see, hear, recognize and know so enormously many things?"
Says I: "So that you at the same time also can recognize, how little a person is out of himself, and that his being, knowledge, recognition and ability only depends on God!
With your own will you of course will for ever not achieve anything, just as this angel could not achieve with his own will; but if you have made My will your own will, then you also will be able to do what this angel can do!
But for now it is alright that you recognizes and understand all this, but at the same time also practically begin to comprehend, that your own will beyond your body can do only very little or nothing. You can recognize and understand everything what the angel understands and recognizes; but if you do not have made My will and also My wisdom your own, all knowledge and recognition is of course of no use to you. It serves you, if you are addicted to action, only as a torture. And this is also good; since only by humility does man become man and a true child of God!
By the way, this is not shown to you to imitate, but only, so that you can completely recognize God in Me, to even more determinedly do, what I as the Creator of all life, have taught and recommended to you for the sake of the perfection of life.
You thereby must first reach the rebirth of the spirit, since without it My will cannot vigorously take root in you. If you only can take hold of My will in so far that you voluntary subordinate your will to Mine by the deed and practice this diligently, so that My will as recognized by you totally gets the upper hand, then My spirit will become fully alive in you and will soon penetrate your complete being.
My earlier diligently practised will by you will reach its full power in you, and what he, completely equal to Me, then want, this will happen; however, as said, only then - and not earlier!
The recognition, however, should only be the reins, by which you can draw your will into Mine; since you have to recognize by My deeds, that I surely am, as what I continuously present Myself to you.
If you fully recognize this, it will be so much easier for you, to follow My will, which has its roots in the everlasting, most unmistakable truth, and make it thereby your property.
If someone recommends a road to you, and you notice in his speech that he himself is not completely familiar with it, you will certainly hesitate, to walk the road which he has shown and described to you, and you will say: 'O, then we rather stay where we are!' But if you quite easily notice from someone's speech, that he is completely familiar with the road, since he from there, to where he described the road to you in every detail correctly and truthful, you will say: 'He has knowledge and the best will, he cannot and does not want to deceive us, and we will walk the road without any hesitation!' See, thereby you will on the grounds of the good and firm trust, subordinate the own will to the will of him, who, as a complete expert, has shown to you the good and right way!
And see, the same is here the case! If I would appear before you in a misty and mystical half measure, then there would always remain some doubts in you, and it would be very much forgivable, if any doubts would rise in you. However, since I already have revealed Myself to you to nearly the last atom in word and deed and show to you with all My wisdom, love and might, that I really am as what I have introduced Myself to you, the outcome is certain! First it is impossible for you to have any doubts about Me, and secondly the observance of My will, which is the only way by which your spirit can reach the fullest rebirth, must be very easy for you, because you will only too clearly recognize, that by following My will is not just hitting the blue, but must lead you to reach the everlasting true reality. I think that you now will recognize, why I do all the unheard before you and fully reveal and show Myself to you!
A quite perfect wise master does nothing without a reason, and as such also I do nothing without a reason. I do not teach you only for the sake of yourself, but also so that you later on can become teachers, guides and a roadmap for your other blind brothers and sisters in My name, and therefore you must even be deeper introduced into the secrets of My kingdom, My being, and also must understand your fellow-human in his entire being, from his deepest origin up to his highest and possible perfection and fullest God-resemblance!
Since by your fullest and most living trust can soonest a similar trust be awakened in your disciples, whereby also they soon can see and understand the hidden things which you are now can see and comprehend.
Do you have understood Me quite well, and do you understand why I reveal all this before you?"
Say all deeply moved: "Yes Lord, our Master, our God!"
Says I: "Now then, awaken again in the physical world, so that I can show you still other things; since you must recognize and understand other things still further and deeper!"