Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 122 -
The Lord reveals the inner being of Judas.

fter this My word all went back to see with their eyes of the flesh again and are full of highest amazement about everything they have seen and heard, and all started to praise Me loudly for half an hour.
After all expressed their recognition by their loud praising, that they have recognized Me in the true depth of life, also Judas Ischariot came to Me and said: "Lord, for a long time I was an unbeliever; but now also I fully believe, that You are in all seriousness Jehovah Himself, or at least a right son of Him! But there is something which I still cannot understand about You, and this is the following:
How could You as Jehovah who is infinitive, leave this Your infinity and squeeze Yourself into this highly limited form? However, during this, the old infinitive space stayed the same as it was from eternity! You as Jehovah are the very infinitive space itself! How can this exist in its unchanged, endless being and You as the infinite One Himself in this narrow human form?!
See, Lord, this is an important question! If You could give me a proper light therein, I will be most zealous among all Your disciples, - otherwise always a small doubt will cloud my soul!"
Says I: "How is this possible that all can see now and only you have become blind?! Do you think that this shell encloses Me?! Or is the sun with its active light only there enclosed where it is active?! How could you see it, if it would not have reached further than to its most outer skin surface?!
I'm only the everlasting centre of Myself; from there I still fill for ever in an unchanging manner the infinite space.
I am everywhere the everlasting Me; but here among you I am in the everlasting centre of My being, from where the whole of infinity is for ever and ever and unchangingly maintained in the same manner in its most infinite, everlasting extent.
Since eternity I resided in My inaccessible centre and in My inaccessible light out of Myself. However, for the sake of the people of this earth it has pleased Me, to step out of this My very same inaccessible centre and the very same light - which since eternity was also entirely inaccessible to the highest angels -, came to this earth and am now accessible from all sides by all of you people and you can endure My light.
When we moved away from Sichar and went to Galilee and rested after midday on a mountain, I showed to quite a few of you by deed, that My will also reaches to the sun. Recall this from your memory, and you will see how I am everywhere at home and can be by the outflow of My everywhere equally powerful active will!"
Says Judas Ischariot: "I can recall that at that stage You made the sun for a few moments lightless, if I remember correctly! Now, this is of course not a trifle matter, - however, it is said, that also the old Egyptian magicians were able to do this; how, this is of course another question! In the great nature there exist strange, secret powers; You know them, and the old magicians have also known them and used them. Of course, according to our knowledge until now, nobody has performed such deeds like You!
However, even You are not without any worldly school! Since quite a few things are said about the skills of Your father Joseph and even about Your mother Maria, who was a disciple of Simeon and Anna; and if an intelligent young man has such parents, he can achieve something. But this is only my worldly opinion; since I for myself believe, that the spirit of Jehovah resides and works in fullness inside You.
What use would the everlasting invisible Jehovah have for me, who sits high above all stars in His inaccessible light and never shows Himself to His creatures, performs no miracles except for the daily stereotypes, which, however, could just as well been performed by nature itself?! Therefore You are, at least for me, a real Jehovah, since You have shown Yourself before our eyes only too openly and too tangible as a perfect master of all nature and creatures through words and actions. Like You have given back the life to the dead, and rules the elements, and call out of the air brand new donkeys and fish into being and to fill the pantries of the old Markus with bread and wine also out of the air, is for me the only true God, and all the others I don't care! You could have gotten Your pure divine abilities from wherever You want, You are still a right God for me! Am I right or not?
I have not really fallen on my head to such an extend as thought by my brother Thomas. I know what I know and what I say; but if brother Thomas always thinks that I'm a donkey or an ox, he is greatly mistaken with me. If I could speak with him as I can, upon a thousand he would not be able to answer me only one! If I did not have smelled the true Jehovah in You for a long time, I would have went back to my pottery business a long time ago; but since I perhaps know best with whom I have to do in You, I stay and leave my very profitable art, despite that I also not an enemy of gold and shining silver, - since I prefer rather Your spiritual gold and silver!
But that Thomas secretly whispered in my ear, when the angel according to your will called a completely healthy donkey into being, that this miracle took only place for the sake of me, to show to me in a living picture, who and what I am, I just cannot accept that so easily! If Thomas thinks he is wiser as what I appear to him, then he should do so; but he should leave me alone! Since I do not put anything in his way, and even if he calls me a thief, I surely never have taken anything from him!
Before you have given us all a marvellous and exceedingly divine wise teaching about the sickness of a human soul and showed us in its foundation, how one should have even more patience with a sick soul than with the sick body of a person! Why does a wise Thomas does not write such teaching behind his ears, regarding me who also can be still soul sick, if there is no place in his heart for such pure divine teachings?! I do not claim at all that he should ask me for forgiveness, because it pleased his wisdom to call me a donkey - since as meek as he thinks he is, I'm likewise! But I was urged, to openly confess here, that I am actually a soul sick person, but do not envy a Thomas for his great soul healthiness! I therefore still want to always stay his friend and a good brother, as I always was, - but there is only one thing I wish from him, that he in all future should test his correctional zeal with someone else than me; since until now I'm still what he is, namely a disciple like him called by You, my Lord and my God!"
Says I: "It is not very creditable from the side of My Thomas that he always keeps you in his sights; but it is also known to Me, that you first have made a very untimely joke during the completion of this here still present donkey, which was the actual reason why Thomas hit you a little with your own words!
Tel me, on what grounds did you made the remark, according to which you said and actually meant: in the end all My miracles would end in the production of completely healthy donkeys! See, this your remark was quite spiteful and very much deserved the opposing remark from Thomas! I do not reprove your faith, according to which you view Me as your only God and Lord, I only admonish you that such your opinion only exists in your words rather than the life of your soul.
Since in all truth you still regard Me as a real old-Egyptian wise man and as magician familiar with all the secret forces of nature, who quite well understands how to use these forces, that they do not deny their services to him. You see, this is very reproachable in you!
What hundreds take as the purest truth with their hands, you still can raise one doubt after the other and quite openly make assertions, which always puts Me in a doubtful light with some weaklings. When I gave back the life to a few totally drowned people, you immediately stated that here the place itself and the position of the stars contributed a great deal, and that it therefore was very easy for Me to perform all kind of miracles; at another place I would not at all be able to do this! In Nazareth, Capernaum and in Kis, in Jesaira and even in Genezareth I also performed great miracles, - but not as many as at this very place. - But if you in all seriousness regard Me as your only God and Lord, why do you always cast suspicion about Me with strangers?!"
Says quite perky and resolutely Judas Ischariot: "When watching very closely the world and nature, it seems that God always considers the favourableness of the location, if He wants to produce something extraordinary! If we go on a very high mountain, for example the Ararat, and we will see nothing than bare rocks and snow and ice. Why do no grapes and figs, apples, pears, cherries and plums grow there? It is my opinion that Jehovah does not regard this place as sufficient favourable, to produce these sweet miracles there as well! It then seems if Jehovah Himself considers the favourableness of a locality very much, otherwise He surely would also have placed the nourishing sweet-miracles there!
And I believe, that I do not take anything away from Your divinity, if I assert that You for producing miracles always regard one locality more favourable than any other, like for instances Nazareth, where You did not overreached yourself with miracles. As Jehovah you could also easily transform the great desert of Africa into most blissful and flourishing fields, if You would regard this territory as favourable! However, since the mentioned territory is still a desert and most likely will stay that way for a very long time to come, I believe, that You will not suffer any limitation regarding Your divinity, if the great African desert Sahara will stay what it is for a long time to come. - This is my opinion, although brother Thomas will probably not agree with it!"
Comes Thomas on a sign by Me closer and says: "What you have said would be quite in order, if you also would feel like it in your soul and would regard and recognize this as the full truth; but about this no trace of it can be found inside you! According to your inner recognitions the Lord is in the first place is still a wise eclectic person, who understands it, to pull together from the many to him known teachings, one most wise teaching, and secondly has mastered all magic to such an extend, that at certain opportunities and favourable conditions nothing can fail Him. Only this is yours together with Satan's closely related idea, that such a quite great magician, who understands to submit all the even most secret forces of nature to his will, in the end can not be a real God!
It shows here, that the Lord Jesus from Nazareth corresponds perfectly with such your requirements, and so you also have no scruples to totally dethrone the old God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and to place this your magician on the throne instead! That you regard the spirit of this holy Man from Nazareth as the same who once thundered His laws to our forefathers on Sinai, you do not have even the slightest idea in your heart.
And since it still looks the same with you, I cannot otherwise than to reprimand you at every opportunity, if you want to show off at such opportunities and show your always perfidious, bad double tongue; since everyone who thinks and feels otherwise than what his tongue is saying, is a betrayer of the holiness of truth. Therefore you should hereby accept this admonishment and in all future never speak differently from what you think and feel! Since this is the manner of the tearing wolves, who walk around in sheep's furs, to make it easier for them to get an innocent and gentle lamb into their deadly paws. Understand me well; since I completely look through you and admonish you only then, if you appear loudly, because then I can immediately see that you are always a liar, since you speak differently from what you think and feel. As a sick soul I am certainly not your enemy, - but against the sickness itself I am!"