Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 123 -
The rebuke of Judas.

ays Judas Ischariot: "If this is how things are standing, then I must state my case; because the Lord always gave to others the opportunity to rid themselves completely of their evilness and falseness. If this privilege was given to strangers, why is it kept away from me, who actually belongs to your group and always have shared happiness and grief with you?!"
Says for a change Bartholomäus: "With foreigners it is an entirely different case! In them from ancient times there was mainly already established falseness. Basically they could not help it that they were bad and evil; but when they heard the light words of the everlasting truth, it started to boil and cook in them, and they started to rid themselves of the old feculence, and became pure. But you are standing for a long time already in the fullness of the spiritual truth-light and has for the fullest authenticity of it already received thousands of the most living evidence in words and all kinds of miracles! But all this does not make an impression on you; but you would like to work wonders yourself, so that you, just like the pharisees in the temple, can earn as much gold and silver as possible. For yourself you do not need a God, except for one, who can provide you with a lot of money, so that you can live on earth in all extreme comfort and without consideration of the truths of life heard here from God, and sin yourself to death!
And with such your inner way of thinking, there is nothing when it comes to ridding your inner self, since it cannot better you and does not provide us with any means whereby we, by words and actions could create a new heart in you, and without it you will stay as you are.
But if the Lord's almighty word is not able to change you, what can our human after word achieve with you?! Rather go back to your old place and in future do not disturb us with your most trifle chatter! - I have finished speaking!"
Upon this very forceful reprehension Judas wanted to say something; but Cornelius said to him: "Open your mouth only then, if someone asks you to do so; otherwise keep quiet and do not disturb the Lord at work! But if you really want to talk, go deep into the nearby forest and speak there with the trees and bushes; they will not back chat, which could annoy you and finally offend you! Or go down to the lake and talk there to the fish; they also will allow you everything! Because of this what is spoken here, and what happens here, you anyway understand as much as nothing; and your sullen stupidity and from it the continuously anew awakened selfishness and greed disturbs us in the for us so necessary deeper considerations of the great life-truths out of God the Lord above all!"
After these words Judas Ischariot retreats far into the background and does not speak a single word anymore; since he had an immense respect for Cornelius because he just knew too well his zeal and sense for Me and My teaching.
After this was appeased again I said to all: "To him, who has, will be given even more; but who does not have, from him will also taken what he had!
You now have convinced yourself that worldly greed and avarice are evil things; therefore preserve your hearts carefully from it! Since for a greedy heart it is impossible to comprehend spiritual things and can also not be enlightened towards this end, to understand what is necessary for its salvation.
You all have now comprehended quite difficult things, although only being a few days around Me; this disciple is now already nearly half a year around Me and was an eye- and ear witness of all kinds of miracles and teachings, and still he cannot grasp the truth! The reason for this lies in his excessive greed for money, resulting from his severe laziness and sluggishness.
A truly diligent person easily acquires his daily need, and even something beyond which will be quite useful to him during his old days; and even if he could not save anything, because he willingly gave of his access to the poor and needy, during his old days he will still be provided for.
But a lazy person loves idleness and wants to ride on the back of his diligent neighbours; he therefore becomes a liar, a swindler and a thief to gather as many treasures to be able to live like a king.
But with such greediness he darkens his soul to such an extend, that it cannot understand anything anymore about some pure spiritual matters; and even if his soul is enlightened by the highest and purest spiritual light, it soon transforms it into its selfish, most coarse being and again only recognizes nothing else than material things.
But how the spiritual transforms into matter, you have seen from the coming into being of this grazing donkey here, and I do not have to explain it any further to you. Since those of you who have comprehended this, have understood this easily and immediately; but who did not understood it easily and immediately, will not grasp it for a very long time, and certainly not ever in this world!
Therefore all of you should ask yourself, where you are standing with your ability to understand! Who has it, has it; who does not have it, will not have it for a very long time. In whom the soul is spiritual, can easily understand spiritual matters; but in whom the soul longs for matter, can impossibly understand this highest and purest spiritual!"