Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 124 -
On the upbringing of children.

(The Lord:) "There must exist differences among people; but nobody has been placed in this world with such a neglected soul, that it had to become completely matter. Since also not one single human soul has been stuck into the flesh without the free will and individual intelligence.
The main reason for the destruction of the human soul lies principally in the original, normally baboon-love upbringing. One let the little tree grow as it grows, and by the untimely pampering and all other things, let the trunk grow askew as possible. Once the trunk has hardened, normally all efforts to make it straight again are of little or no use; an askew grown soul very seldom becomes a completely straight trunk again!
Therefore you all should straighten your children during their easily steerable youth, and soon there will nearly nowhere exist such a material soul, which could not understand the spiritual and easily submit itself to right actions on the road of the true life order out of God! Remember this well; because therefore I have shown to you the incarnation of a soul in the womb!
A child until the seventh year is still by far more an animal than a human. Since this what is human in a child, lies generally buried in a deep sleep. Because a child is by far more animal than human, it also has many animallike, but only very few truly human needs.
Only the necessary should be given to them! One should accustom them from early on to all kinds of privations, never praise the well-behaved excessively, but also not be too hard against the less capable and less behaved, but treat them with the right love and patience.
Exercise them in all kind of good and usefulness and do not make even a very much well-behaved child vain, self-loving and regarding itself better than others. Also with children, especially those who are formed quite well, one should not make them even more vain and proud by beautiful and rich clothing than such children already love to be by nature. One should keep them clean, however never turn them into so called house idols, and they will be placed right from birth on that road, that they can attain during their more adult youth what you all have attained through Me only just now.
The virgin will reach full of chastity and discipline the state of a respectable mother and the youth will with a man-mature soul and awakened spirit in it, enter adulthood and will be a blessing for his family and for the earth and all its creatures.
But if given in too much to the animallike desires and passions of your children, you will open with them a new and wide gate for all vices, by which they will penetrate in masses into this world bringing destruction; and once they are there, you will in vain fight them with all kinds of weapons and will achieve nothing against their great powers and rule!
Therefore look after the little trees, so that their growth becomes heaven-striving straight, and clean them carefully from all after outgrowths; since once the trees have become big and strong, and are full of bad curvatures in form, which the evil winds have caused them, then you will not be able to straighten them with all kinds of violent means!
Earlier you have seen the fire tongue lump before you. In its soul specific loose and free state it was by far not determined, that it will become a donkey mare; only after the subsequent arrangement by the angel the parts started to seize each other to become an organism so that in the end the form of a donkey had to appear.
But since the donkey is already perfectly completed, a transformation into another animal is almost impossible! There is in fact nothing which is impossible for God; but then this donkey had first to be completely dissolved and all basic specifics had to recombine into a completely different organism with the acceptance of new specifics and with exclusion of many required for the being of a donkey. But certainly this would be a hundred times a bigger effort and work than to create from the primordial thoughts in the right ratio a completely new being, which never existed on this earth before.
Similar it is also much easier to make anything from a child, while a man or an old man accept only very little or nothing.
Therefore be especially concerned about a true and good upbringing of your children, and it will be easy for you to preach to the new nations this My full gospel, and the good seed will fall onto a good and pure ground and will bring a hundredfold harvest! But if you let grow up your children like the apes their young, they will as weed be the same use to you, than the young apes to their parents: what the old gather, the children consume and destroy intentionally; and if the old want to prevent them from such wrongdoing, the tender young immediately show them their sharp teeth and chase the old away."