Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 126 -
The consequences of wrong upbringing.

(The Lord:) "One finds the laws of God quite good and right; but you also find people who do not according to action want to know anything about it, and only living for the world. With such people one of course can do no business or only the worst of the world. Who enters in a business arrangement with them, is from the start seriously cheated and outwitted. But him, who gets involved with such worldly people, to profit something from them, must be quite stupid; since otherwise he would have scrutinized his allies more closely, before entering into business with them.
However, such an at least half-stupid person is still better hearted, although still somewhat profit addicted, but because of his stupidity fainthearted and trusts God very little. He always thinks and says: 'Let me first become quite rich! Only then I will become the best person of the world and will acquire all means, by which it will be possible for me, to familiarize myself and get to know the mystic being of God better and brighter! I will then carry out all conceivable charity for the poor world, and millenniums will carry my name in their mouth! But let only the rich world people become servants of mine, and everything else will suddenly become right!'
With such blind hopes such a fool walks around, make plans and attempts and approaches with his plans the great and rich, who will see with their sharp world intellect a use for themselves in his inventions. The stupid speculating person falls for them and is at the same time cheated in an unspeakable manner and lead behind all light.
Now he is standing with all his plans and hopes completely plundered and without any means and does not know how to create a way out. The faith in God and a more firm trust in the power, goodness and help of God were ever since almost zero. Through deception, which made him loose everything, he lost all contact with the world. His mind is too stupid and cannot, despite all searching and despite all efforts, find a way out.
What is the result of that? Desperation and the most burning tiredness of being, since no only half-tolerable prospects want to become visible for it! In such a heated state of mind such a fool normally takes his own life and becomes a self-murderer. That he thereby causes his soul not seldom a boundless harm, you can clearly infer thereof, that such person for a very long time continues to destroy himself more and more, since he once has created the most deadly hate against his being, for without it he could not have become a self-murderer. Nobody has been born with a deliberate stupidity, but is only the result of a bad and wrong upbringing.
Who truly loves his children, it certainly above all must be important to him, to form their souls in such a way, that they are not devoured by matter. If the souls are brought up in the right order, they soonest will become able to adsorb the spirit in themselves, and never become stupid and there will of course never be any talk of suicide.
But with your ape-like upbringing of children, especially in the cities, it can not happen otherwise. Accustom your children from early on to search for the true kingdom of God in their hearts, and you thereby have decorated them more than a king and have given them the biggest and best inheritance time wise and forever!
There will never ever come something life-big from spoiled children! Even if nothing else bad happens to them or they otherwise do not turn into something bad, in time a certain weak side begins to develop, which no person is allowed to offend, not even touching it. If such a weak side is touched or even offended, then such a person is at break point. He will become quite raving and fierce and will try to revenge himself in any conceivable manner with the offender, or at least give him a terrible serious warning, to avoid such jokes in future, since to the contrary he will have to deal with horrible negative consequences.
Such a weak side is basically not something bad arising out of the free will and recognition; but it is still a leak in the soul, where she can be injured, and this not only here but also for a long time in the beyond.
Therefore you should take extreme care that no so called weak sides develop in them, because they become for the soul that, what the so called chronic, half-scarred illnesses are. If it is always nice weather and a good wind together with it, they are quiet, and the person who owns them, feels quite healthy; but if the air starts to prepare itself for some bad weather, the leaks in the flesh immediately start to stir and often drive the person to despair because of pain.
Nevertheless how difficult it is for a doctor to cure such old bodily harms, it is often even more difficult to heal such old soul leaks. If the skipper wants to protect his ship of the leaks, he must not sail to places where there are all kinds of rocks and coral reefs, but only there, where the water has the necessary deepness. In the same way the educator of children as a truly life knowledgeable coxswain, must not guide his little life ships into all kinds of worldly rocky shallow waters, but must venture immediately to the inner life's deeper parts, and he will preserve the little ships from the dangerous leaks and thereby earn the crown of a true life's coxswain!
Good to everyone who also takes these word to heart; they will not be without any blessing for him and his family!
And now, since we also have discussed this secondary matter which arose by the appearance of the disciple Judas Ischariot in a useful way, let us return again to our considerations of coming into being and the ostensible destruction and take a special closer look at the latter!"