Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 129 -
The processes during the separation of the soul from the body.

ays I: "This you should have straight away; and so listen then! The visible mist - nevertheless the size of a person is the result of the great distress of the soul during the moment of separation, in which she, because of all the fear and terror, is for a few moments kind of unconscious.
It is an extraordinary activity strain for the separating soul, to maintain herself in her self-conscious existence. All her parts are placed in an exceptionally violent vibration, so that even the sharpest eye of a spirit cannot discern any specific form.
An example from nature would be the deep sounding string of a harp. When pulled strongly, for some time it will quickly vibrate back and forth so that you can see the body also only as a transparent mist-like thread; after the string has ended its vibration, its actual form becomes visible again as a result of its state of rest.
You have the same phenomenon when looking at a humming fly, whose wings you can only see as wings after the fly has stopped flying and thereby also stopped humming; during the state of flying you only saw it surrounded by a small cloud of mist.
When the soul exits during the moment of separation from the destroyed, sheared and in future unuseable body, it often vibrates in span long oscillations, and this so fast, that you can take it as one thousand oscillations to and fro and up and down in one moment; during the time of such soul vibrations it is for the allotted viewer completely impossible to discern any kind of a human form. After a while the soul subsides more and more and becomes visible as a human form; once it enters a state of complete rest, which occurs immediately after the final separation, it can be seen as a perfect human form, provided, that it is not too much deformed by all kind of former sins. - Do you understand this?"
Says Mathael: "O Lord, You most Wise, how could I not understand it most clearly? You have made this phenomenon so clear that I can touch it with my hands! But now, Lord, - forgive me my thirst for knowledge - I also would like to know, in which tongue the five souls talked to each other! I myself am able to speak various tongues; but despite this I could not understand one syllable what they have spoken to each other. Does in this world exists any similar tongue?"
Says I: "O yes, the Burmanese priests are in possession of this tongue (i.e. Sanskrit), and it was this the primordial language of the first people on this earth; yours, the old Egyptian, and amongst others also that of the Greek, originates nearly completely from this one and first language of mankind. Do you think that you would understand father Abraham, Isaac and Jacob if they would be here talking like they have talked once? O certainly not, you would not understand one word! You already have difficulty to understand the books of Moses, which are nearly a thousand years younger than Abraham, how much less the arch fathers themselves! Yes, many things have changed for the Jews, also the language, without a second Babylonian language chaos. Do you also understand this?"
Says Mathael: "O Lord, also regarding this I'm in the clear now; I believe also all the others, and as such in the name of all I would like to implore You for further teachings!"
Says I: "These will not be missing; but you have made a lot of experiences in the field of dying and must therefore tel us the most noteworthy for the sake of your brothers. If something is unclear to you or somebody else, I will make it clear for you.
I have previously showed you the becoming to be until the point of transition by the loss of matter. The bodily death is still the fright of all creatures. The reason for it I have explained to you in all shortness; same will at another opportunity be explained more extensively to you. - But now you can start speaking again!"
Says Mathael: "O Lord, only because of Your so exceedingly loving instructions I will tell more such cases, as I have seen them with the eyes of my soul!"