Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 133 -
Composition of the souls of the murderer robbers.

ays I: "What you have personally experienced you have presented very good and true. The reason for the bestial appearance of the soul of the said seven great criminals lies in a certain free order, but of course only to this extend, as the working soul-specific-parts in the body seize or exchange themselves anew, similar to a cluster of worms creeping disorderly over and about in a continuous search for a more comfortable resting place. If they found it as either a good or bad type, the outer form will for certain become likewise to the good or evil type.
Look here at the different plants; there is an alimentary plant and there a poisonous one! In the sun-bright light of our light sphere, look at the forms! See, how smoothly, delightfully, soft and modestly is the form of the alimentary plant to look at, and how corner-like, sheared and here and there quite suspiciously smooth the form of the poisonous plants looks like, but still both species consist of the same primordial substances, standing in the same earth, slurp the same dew, the precise same air and the same light!
You have seen how a little while ago out of the absolutely similar glowing tongues or floating fire snakes, which could not be seen with the eyes of the flesh because of their tininess, a perfect, quite comfortable donkey has formed; do you think that, given another order for the seizing of the primordial substances into organic forms, just as well a tiger, a camel, an ox or elephant or anything else could not have developed?! O, most certain! And another orderly seizing would also have a complete different nature and characteristics in itself, which would be quite hostile towards another, and the reason for this is, that each differently organized individual form has the continuous main aspiration, to convert everything else and which is somewhat weaker into its own order.
Out of this property goes forth love, the inner warmth, aspiration, greed, hunger and thirst. If this greed, which is equal to a lust of power, becomes here and there too big and tries to grab too much to push it underneath its own original order, the consumed entity not seldomly becomes too powerful, seizes the first in being already existing soul-organic order, and pulls it into its own good, better, or easily also worse, more worse and finally most worse order!
But what happens by that? Mathael, now we are coming to your seen tiger-like criminal's souls! The souls were too excessively taken over by the too greedily absorbed primordial soul substances which did not fit their (the souls) order; and only those absorbed primordial soul substances have turned the souls into their own exceedingly bad and thereby have changed the human souls into true tiger souls, and of the same origin was also all the vermin which you saw leaving in masses the frightened criminals. But now all of you tell Me, if you have comprehended this rich teaching in all its facets!"
Says most of them: "Yes, Lord, we understood the teaching at least to some extend; but to boast that we feel quite at home with it, would be a lie. From the earlier forming of the donkey we have observed and seen, how from the spiritual primordial substances a thing or being is developed. We could almost see the grass grow, and how so to speak a donkey, by itself, created itself from the fire tongues. Yes, by Your goodness and mercy we even know, what, who and wherefrom these fire tongues are, and who they as related to each other can seize each other to create a distinctive idea and form. We know quite well how these Your countless primordial thoughts, of which the whole of infinity is overfilled with, although from the outer appearance looking similar, are nevertheless in themselves very distinctive, lighter and heavier, depending on the purpose and intelligence they carry which might be somewhat deeper, more serious and more good-quality, and how the related ones seize each other and start to form some organ.
As said, all this we understand quite well; but there is still something which is a strong riddle to us, which You, o Lord, could resolve for us, if it would please you. But we all surely do not have to tell You where we are running short; since You know all gaps which are in us, and will fill them with Your mercy, if You regard as necessary! If it is not of a great importance to us, then we are more than perfectly happy with that what we have and understand."
Says I: "To understand the secret of the kingdom of God in all depth of depths, you all first must be reborn in the spirit, which is now impossible for you. Only if the Son of Man has returned from where He has come, He will send to you the spirit of all truth which is holy; he will awaken you entirely and complete your hearts and waken the spirit of all truth in you, which means, in the heart of your souls, and by this act you will be reborn in the spirit and see and understand in the brightest light what the heavens contain in theirs.
But this, what I show and explain to you right now, is only a preparation for what the spirit will give you in all fullness. There are many things which I still have to tell you, but you would not be able to endure right now; but if the spirit of all truth will come, he will guide you in all wisdom! Since you know this now, we immediately want to start with a further considerable preparation at this place, and our widely experienced Mathael will tell us another little history from his experiences.
And as such you, Mathael, can start working again and tell us the well seen story experienced in Bethany! We still have four hours until sunrise and therefore can still learn and experience a few things, and you, Mathael, can immediately begin with your narrative!"