Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 142 -
On the first human couple.

ays I: "Friend, as you now have spoken about the wrath and revenge, justice and love of God, in the same way a completely blind person speaks about the harmonious splendour of the colours in a rainbow!
"Have you not understood as yet that all five books of Moses, all prophets and the writings of David and Solomon can only be understood and comprehended by way of inner spiritual correspondence?!
Do you seriously think that God chased Adam out of Paradise by an angel carrying a blazing sword in his right hand as a weapon for expulsion? I say to you: even if it was put to Adam as an appearance, it was only a correspondence of what actually took place in Adam himself and formed part of the act of his education and to establish the first religion and primordial church among the people on earth.
However, on earth there never existed a material Paradise where the cooked fish swam into the mouth of the people, but they had, just like now, first be caught, cooked and only then consumed sparingly; but if the people were busy and collected fruit which the earth had offered them, and thereby build up stock, then every place on earth which was cultivated by man, was a real earthly Paradise!
What would have become of the spiritual development of man, if he would have lived in a truly laziness and gluttonous paradise where he would have no worries whatsoever and, as said, the best fruit would have grown into his mouth when lying on the softest lawn and he only had to wish and everything would be there, and he only has to open his mouth and the best food would enter his mouth?! When would such a person according to such methods of education reach the necessary life independence?! I say to you that man according to your concepts of paradise up to this hour would be nothing else than a quite well conditioned gluttonous ox or a gluttonous polyp on the bottom of the sea.
What was therefore presented by the appearance of the angel with the flaming sword? What does this metaphor say? Man was naked; since until now no person ever entered this world with clothes. Even if he had no childhood just like this donkey here, and had a height of twelve shoes and Eve not that much less, regarding the original experiences about the workings of the earth, he nevertheless was a child and had to be educated mainly by experience.
During the warmer days in spring, summer and fall he was able to endure the weather with his naked skin; but in winter he started to feel the pinch of cold, and he asked himself in his heart which God increasingly awakened in him by spiritual and physical influences: 'Where I am? What happened to me? Earlier I felt so comfortable and now I'm cold and the cold winds causing pain to my skin!' Obviously he had to look for shelter to protect himself against the winds and started to cover his body with all kind of leafs from trees. By this forced activity the process of thinking increased and soon became orderly.
But he also got hungry; since many trees and bushes had empty twigs. He walked far distances and searched for food and found trees which were still full; he collected the fruit and carried it to the cave which he used as a good dwelling. And his already more experienced heart again told him: 'During this time the earth is cursed, and you person can only gather food by the sweat of your face!'
However, after the first human of this earth endured winter once in the cave on these heights which forms the north-easterly border of the promised land, to which also belongs our Galilee, he and his wife found the time to look and searched deeper in themselves. There he found the need for a greater society. In a dream he was taught what he had to do to get to such greater society, and after such teaching he started to father Cain and soon afterwards Abel and Seth.
It was his wife who gave him the first impulse to father; since the wife received the first vision how the process of fathering was going to happen. We do not want to extend on this matter, and I now say to you, My friend Stahar; everything progressed quite normally and nowhere something unnatural has happened. But Moses still realized that everything occurred only to the will of Jehovah; by the spirit of God he realized, that all this quite natural guidance along the way of experiences was guided by Me, which means by My spirit, and therefore he placed God by corresponding metaphors at the side of the first human couple and also personalized My influence with the shortest, but nevertheless corresponding metaphors, as they were customary at that time and also had to be, since everywhere such metaphors were necessary to guide the nation and nations.
By the way, it is self explanatory, that God and the angels realized and understood it quite well, to let grow up the first human couple in one of the most fertilized places on earth.
When later and specifically admitted natural phenomena forced the first humans to leave their first food garden and to look for places elsewhere on earth, this also did not happened because of a kind of divine rage, but only out of love for the humans, so that man was awakened again from his sluggishly becoming sensuousness and become active again and to make extended experiences.
When Adam and his wife and his sons found that nearly everywhere on earth there was something to eat, they started to undertake more extended travels, whereby they got quite familiar with Asia and Africa. This added a wealth of all kinds of experiences to them. Secretly guided by the spirit of God they returned to their first Eden and stayed there, from where the population of the whole earth took place.
Tel Me in your heart: Do you recognize any rage or revenge of God in this?"