Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 145 -
The influence of evil on good.

(The Lord:) "Even more so, an avaricious and greedy man is an exceedingly large poisonous plant of a far reaching influence. All the nature-spirits surrounding him up to a great distance, his emanation and his whole outer life sphere, will conform to his inner nature. And the corrupted nature-spirits around him will keep perverting into their own evil, avarice and greed the still good nature-spirits joining them.
Since these nature-spirits are in constant conflict, not only with man, but also with the animals and plants, the water and the air, they invariably give rise to many battles, frictions and unnecessary movements in the air, the water, the earth, the fire and in the animals.
Whoever wants to see a practical example of this, let him go to a very good man. All the animals surrounding such a man will be of a much gentler nature. The best example are dogs; within a short time, they fully adopt the nature of their master. The dog of an avaricious man will certainly also be an avaricious beast, and when eating it will not be a good idea to come too close to it. But go to a bounteous, gentle person and you will notice, if he keeps a dog, that this animal will have a very good-natured character; it will rather retreat from the food bowl than involving itself in a vicious battle with any uninvited guest. Also all other domestic animals of a gentle and kindhearted owner will be significantly softer, yes, even with plants and trees a person with sharp senses will observe a significant difference.
But look at the servants of a avaricious man, if they in general are also not becoming jealous and stingy and for that matter backstabbing, false and deceitful! Even an otherwise quite good and bounteous person, when for a longer time not in the presence of a miser who is stuck up to his neck in gold and silver, will finally also adopt a sparing system and start to think hard about exercising acts of charity.
Added to this is the fact that, on earth, it costs much less effort for the bad to change what is good into its nature than vice versa!
Look at a rather furious person, who want to destroy everything around him because of his fury and anger! Thousands of quite good people looking at him, will finally become furious themselves and want to attack the raging person to drive the fury out of him, if only their sharp, action addictive hands could find a place to grab his skin. Why does one furious person excites thousands to counter rage, and why not the thousands good-natured influence the one furious to become eminent good-natured?
All this is based on the fact, because, especially on this earth and for the sake of the upbringing of the children, the temptation for the bad and evil is by far greater, and must be, as for the good. The reason for that in general I already have explained to you and does not need to explain it here again.
Look again to these two plants and imagine yourself a very large steel boiler! In such boiler we want to brew a thousand of such medicinal plants to a healthy tea, and who has a chest illness and drinks from it, would soon start to notice its healing power; since the good nature-life-spirits would soon transform the few bad ones in his chest.
However, if we take this particular poisonous plant and throw it also into the kettle in which a thousand plants are cooking to become a health drink! Behold, this single poisonous plant will turn the entire remedial material into its deadly poisonous matter, and woe the sick person who would dare to take a sip from this tea! Truly, it certainly would cost him his life, and he could not be helped in a natural manner!
But lets consider the opposite case! If we cook a thousand of such poisonous plants in the same boiler to a tea of death and finally add only one of these remedial herbs to the boiler with the thousand poisonous plants! O, just how quickly will all its good and remedial nature spirits be converted to the deadly poison of the thousand poisonous plants!
But from this it is sun shine clear, that on this earth for the reasons given, the bad many times easier turns the good into its evil, than the other way round.
Imagine now a great number of bad people in an area, or even in a whole country, and ask yourself according to what you already have heard, if in all seriousness it really depends on God's rage, if all kind of evil is occurring there! I say to you and especially to you, friend Stahar, that all this only and solely depends on the way of life and actions of its people, and that the wrath of God and His revenge has forever nothing to do with it, except, that I have placed such order in the nature of things, which naturally, as long as the earth exists, must remain unaltered, otherwise the earth would dissolve and could not provide man with a place to live during his trial life.
Therefore it takes to seize all the good with all seriousness, with all strength and force, so that one does not get consumed by the many evil things.
Try therefore to perfect your inner life by the actual observance of my teaching, so that the poisons of the world are not able to cause you harm anymore!"