Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 153 -
On the philosopher's stone.

ays again I: "Now then, since we still have a couple of hours left, Mathael should tell us a last, in a way most memorable death scene! But before that, since it is already dawning, Raphael should bring the ball of light back to its location and at the same time collect a few promised granulates for Cyrenius!"
Raphael was soon finished with that and brought Cyrenius seven of such light globules, which were the size of a full pea. The pea-size light globules which Raphael handed to Cyrenius had such a bright luminosity, that nobody could look at them; since with a luminosity of more than ten-thousand most brightly burning lamps, one was already so bright that it could illuminate a large hall if placed in the centre on a higher point.
Cyrenius did not know how to save keep these seven light globules and ask Me about advice; and I again called on Raphael to bring Cyrenius a suitable holder for save keeping the seven light globules.
And Raphael was already at hand to give to Cyrenius a box from pure gold, lightly filled with stone flax (asbestos), placed the seven globules in it and covered the box with a lid, which was decorated with meaningful and elated workmanship. After the seven globules were safely stored in this manner, he handed them to Cyrenius and said: "Keep them for yourself! Never should any of these most precious stones decorate any king's crown, so that not another king's desire for such a crown becomes a reason for war, where thousands of people tear each other apart like raging wolves, hyenas and bears, just for the sake of such a light globule!"
Cyrenius thanked Me and also Raphael, who, however, immediately rejected the thanks and diverted it over to Me.
But I said: "It is good, that also this matter has come to a conclusion! The promised globules for you, Cyrenius, are stored; never make any worldly use of them and never boast about them, even not to your next of kin! If you want to prophesy, place the holder on the pit of your stomach and you will have bright visions; but this should only be known to you, that you are strengthened to prophesies by the possession of such stones! The people should hear such prophecy and act accordingly, but nobody should know its origin! If you ever have heard something about the stone of the wise, you now have it in those seven globules; but only for you and nobody else!"
Says Cyrenius: "Lord, however, if one day I will die, what should become of theses seven globules?"
Says I: "Then give them so Josoe, and he will know it in himself, what he should do with it for the sake of the well being of the world! But now nothing further about that, and you, brother Mathael begin with your story; since it is thousand times thousand times more valuable to you than hundred-thousand of such luminous stones! Be short, so that the very memorable sunrise of today will not interfere with it!"