Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 158 -
The poison in minerals, plants, animals and human beings.

Says I: "Is this story to all of you equally unclear?"
All affirmed this question and asked for an explanation.
And I said to all: "You have read about the children of the snake and act with this story as if your are completely lightless! See, on this earth there are poisonous minerals, poisonous plants and also poisonous animals known to you! The poisonous minerals are very toxic, the poisonous plants to the largest part and the poisonous animals, with regard to their whole being, only to their smallest part. But you also have heard that the souls of the people of this earth are a conglomerate of mineral-, plant and animal souls. This is a matter which I already quite often have explained to you, although I only have spoken more in general than specifics and until now have not shown any special exceptions; but this is such a special exceptional case, and I want to make you all more familiar with it.
You all know the just and true order of God, but also are familiar with the exceptions with it; you can think, feel and sense them! However, what you can do, also God can; He surely knows His everlasting order in the best and clearest manner, but in addition also all the possible and most diverse exceptions and violations of this order, must therefore also be able to think and deeply feel them.
Yes, God must even place in the free and independently becoming creatures who also want to become free, especially in angels and people of this earth, as you know, the stimulus for an anti-order, so that therefrom for the named a true, freely acting self-determination can become a truthful reality. From this, however, it is clear, that the anti-order must be just as well known to God as the good, true and living order.
The thoughts and feelings of the anti-order in God as well as in man among the orderly thoughts and feelings are corresponding to the poisonous minerals, poisonous plants and poisonous animals. Since, however, they are also God's thoughts and God's feelings, they cannot disappear, but also stay in the form of fiery-tongue primordial intelligence formations, can as related seize each other in the negative sphere and form a separate string of beings.
From this primordial source the greatest part of the whole physical and judged creation actually originated. However, since this is destined to serve the spiritual creatures not only as a testing life poison, but also as a salutary life balm when used orderly, the order is also arranged to such an extend, that the too anti-order primordial substantial thoughts separate from the much less anti-order and as already mentioned, form a poisonous string of beings in all three realms of the visible, outer, physical nature of things.
At first the poisons are in the coarsest matter of the minerals, then they are getting, already somewhat softened, into the therefore suitable plants, and already reduced to a trifle they are becoming dangerous in the better, thus positive outer life of certain low level animal species, and can even under certain conditions injure the inner, very positive, true life, but not destroy it.
Now, the soul-specific-potences of these poisonous beings inclusive their intelligence ability finally seize each other, and in the end they also become a form, but only a female form, which then of course does not exists without a quite dangerous portion of poison. These souls are finally also getting on the road of the flesh by way of the known act of fathering.