Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 159 -
The poisonous nature of the two deceased women.

(The Lord:) "Once such a soul is living in the flesh, it places its poison into the flesh and blood of its own body, which does not really affect the body healthwise in its life sphere too much, since it has been arranged to such an effect form the primordial beginning.
But for a person originating from the positive order, it is never advisable to come too close to such a person; although it cannot really harm his soul, it can harm his body since it has not been suited for the adsorption of such poison. And now we are standing close to our widow again!
Her otherwise quite good and in a good order passing soul has deposited its poisonous primordial element in the spleen and liver of her body, which behaves quietly and as such harmless, as long she is not excited by anything in a passionate manner; but once such a truly poisonous person has become excited, it is for every man high time to immediately withdraw from her poisonous sphere.
Since this poison residing inside her body is of a nerve-ether nature, it penetrates the person's outer-life-sphere. Who merges his own nerve-ether with the impregnated poisonous sphere by inhaling or prolonged close-by presence, is bodily lost, especially if he does not know about the antidote.
Now, the antidote would be, if not all the nerves have already been too much irritated, the said brew; at the same time such animals should be suffocated in a large jar filled with olive oil and simultaneously with drinking the brew, the whole body should be rubbed quite well with the snake oil. Only thereby a complete recovery can take place, because the poison resting in the nerves partly unites with the primordial element of the brew in the stomach or with those resting in the oil and thus is unable to re-effect the nerves and cannot be harmful to them anymore.
When you, Mathael, were requested to visit her the first time with your father, the widow became ill by her own poison because the Greek doctor has excited her too much and could have died at that stage just as well as later; since it is very seldom that such poisonous people die because of any other illness rather than their own poison.
The visible blue mist in which a number for you unlikeable animals swam around, was such a release of the poisonous ether and by its visible inhabitants it clearly expressed who's spiritual product it was.
When your father by his clever eloquence considerably calmed down the inner very excited fear of the widow, the evil ether withdrew again to the calmed spleen and liver; but the excess hardened in the gall of the stomach, was finally after four days totally adsorbed by the said brew and excreted by the natural process, and the widow thereupon fully recovered. But the voice which told you about the antidote, came from a spirit who was one of the spiritual protectors of the widow.
But when you and your father were called for the second time, the widow had a strong annoyance because of her deaf-mute daughter, who, despite her deaf-muteness, quite strongly began to fall in love with a somewhat playful person. Thereby the poison of the widow and her similar natured daughter was too intensely excited; both were like bitten by thousand of the most poisonous snakes in all their life nerves, and from this moment on, no bodily cure was possible, - except of course by My power it would still be possible. Because of the great excitement both souls nearly completely dissolved, which means, they dissolved into their primordial elements and expanded, occupying necessarily a larger space, high and above the house in which both were lie dying.
When the total separation from the body occurred and after subsequent further calming the primordial elements inside the life-mist-ball belonging together began to recognize each other again, and the former intertwined balloon divided into two separate balloons of which the bigger contained the life primordial elements of the widow and the smaller those of the daughter. However, the life primordial elements, by now already calmed down considerably, recognized each other more and more, seized each other, and immediately a higher level animal specie became visible inside the balloon.
When in the ball of life and in its inner forms again more calm took place, the former soul forms recognized each other more closely and transformed into two female eagles. Soon you saw a swarm of magpies disturbing the balloons; these were the outer life spirits, which also had to unite with the two souls. When this happened, visible to you in a corresponding manner, immediately two cows appeared. This would already be close to man; but something of the primordial elements were still lacking.
The two male souls, who were the former husbands of the widow, recognize this lack and bring it according to good order. Then a new life appears in the cow forms, everything is becoming mixed up, through which a new organic order originates, and soon two new perfect human figures appear. They are embraced by the two male souls with love, and this love immediately forms the just primordial material for corresponding clothing, and so the former so very divided souls again become forever complete human forms, equipped with the necessary recognition, what is clearly indicated by the departure towards the evening.
But the last thanking voice, which you, Mathael heard at the end, was again the same protective spirits, which gave to you two years earlier the right antidote to heal such illness. The spirit recognized the great difficulties which were required, to create from a direct anti-order a truly and heavenly order; since also there one can turn with a little poison a lot of balm into poison, but it is nearly impossible to turn a lot of poison with only a little balm into a healing balm. Only by God everything is possible, and therefore the last call for thanks by the protective spirit to God the Lord!
Have you understood all this properly? To whom something is still unclear, should ask, and there will be light form him!"