Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 165 -
The true teachers of the gospel.

ays I: "I like your truly serious will; but also your memory is somewhat short, - since about that I gave you, and especially Mathael as your senior advisor, sufficient instructions. Just think a little and you will find it! By the way it goes without saying, that he who wants to lead the blind, must be able to see himself, if he does not want to fall with them into the same pit. You cannot say to your brother: 'Let me take the splinter from your eye!', if a whole beam is stuck in your own eye.
Hence, a true teacher must be free of flaws which can be an obstacle to him during the execution of his duties; because there no teacher is better than an imperfect one! Since I train you as teachers, I therefore show and explain to you so many unheard issues; thus every perfect teacher must be taught by God, just as you are taught by God. The Father in heaven must draw him, otherwise he cannot get to the truth in its fullest light depth; but who doesn't get there and does not become light himself thereby, how should it be possible for him to illuminate the night of his neighbour?!
What should illuminate the night and transform it into a day, must itself be like the sun, which is about to rise. If the sun would be dark and black like coal, could it transform the night of the earth into the most beautiful day? I think, it will make the night even more black and lightless, as it was before.
Therefore a teacher who is not educated by God as a teacher, is worse than no teacher at all! Since such a dark teacher is nothing else than a bag full of bad seeds, from which all weed of the darkest superstitiousness is strewn into the furrows of, by nature necessarily spiritually always poor human life.
If you want to learn your people to read and to write and to calculate, you can employ suitable worldly teachers and teach already the children in the schools; however, My gospel can and may only be preached to the people in a useful and blessed manner by those, who possess the properties in the fullest measure, which I pronounced earlier and are a requirement for such an office.
For that, however, it does not require any special school buildings, but a right heavenly messenger goes from community to community and says: 'Peace be with you; the kingdom of God has now come close to you!' If the messenger is accepted, he should stay and preach; but if he is not accepted by the community, which is too much of the world and the devil, he should move on and should even shake off the dust from his feet! Since such a community is also not worthy that such a true heavenly messenger carries its dust on his feet.
However, this My message should not be forced on anybody, but one or several members should first hear the effusively great advantages of My preachings from heaven. If the members want to listen, it should be preached to them in a short and summarized manner; however, if they do not or showing little interest for it, the heavenly messenger should immediately move on, - since the valuable pearls should never be thrown to the pigs for food!
Now you know, how the spreading of My teaching is carried out; but from now on you should not again forget these My instructions! By the way, leave this holy and most holy task to Mathael and his four companions; since they know exactly what they have to do and to arrange and will also remain in their hearts with Me in dialogue, which is also a necessary prerequisite for the true spreading of My teaching.
Since who teaches his brothers, high or low, in My Name, must not lade from his own, but always from My well! It should not be necessary for him to think: 'What shall I say about the word of the Lord, if I get to him or her?'; since when necessary it will be given to him in his heart and tongue what he should say.
But to whom this mercy is given, should not hesitate to speak loudly about it perhaps out of fear or shyness in front of a ruler, as if he could offend or even anger him with that! Since who fears the world more than Me, is not worthy of Me and also not of My smallest mercy, and is never suitable to become a heavenly messenger.
However, in your kingdom you will have less difficulty where you are a lawmaker and uppermost judge and the people are fearing you, because they know the unalterability of your judgements; but where a teacher as a messenger of heaven gets to a place which is ruled by a hard monarch, he clearly requires more courage as you are who is a feared monarch in your wide country.
But who is or want to be a true messenger of heaven, should not carry a stick, nor any other weapon, he should also not carry a bag with him to put something into it; since I Myself will awaken friends for him, and they will to him what he needs as a person of flesh and blood. In the same manner a true messenger of heaven, except in winter or in the cold northern countries, should not wear more than one set of clothes, so that nobody can accuse him of having too much and somebody else too little instead. However, should someone give him a second or third, he should accept it; since he will find more than enough opportunity, where such devout gifts come in quite handy.
With that, Ouran, you have all the rules under which a true teacher should operate; only one thing I add to this and say: Every true messenger of heaven will receive the ability from Me, to cure every sick person by laying on of his hands. And the true messengers should also heal any sick in a community; such will awaken a good inclination in the community, and they will more easily accept the new teaching from heaven, than any still so well-prepared speech.
Every person anyway rather listens to the words of a doctor than to those of a still so shining prophet. What I do, also should be done by a true messenger from heaven, send by Me to all the countries of the world. A true messenger of heaven should also recognize, if an illness is not of such nature, whereby the person is already more in the beyond than on this side. Once the true messenger of heaven sees a soul outside the body, he should not lay his hands on him, but only pray for him and bless in My name the parting soul from this world. In short: every true messenger of heaven, when the time comes, will recognize what he should do. - Are you, Ouran, in order with all this what you wanted to know?"
Says Ouran: "Yes, Lord and Master and God, the only True One! My warmest loving gratitude for this! And my people all over the country should and will thank and praise You, that You have given so much undeserved mercy to their old king, through which also they will benefit. Therefore, once again my most loving gratitude for it!"