Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 175 -
Simon's thoughts about the sexual nature of the Lord as a human being.

ays I: "Now you are pure, and there is nothing in you, which could ever disconcert you in your faith in Me; but now I want to show you and also all of you, what most dense doubt forest could have grown in you, if you did not rid yourself of this little doubt granule. In time you simply would have started to philosophy as follows:
What would become thereof, if I transgressed with a maiden and a fruit would arise thereupon in the lap of the maiden? If it would be a male, would it also be a God? And if it was a female, what then? Would it weaken the law of Moses if I would have transgressed? Would it not make My God-person incapable to keep the divine spirit? Or would I, regarding My person, be capable of such an act or not? But how could I animate such an act in people, if I Myself are unable of it?
If this deed is a sin in the flesh and weakens soul and spirit, why did I have placed this sinful act in man's flesh and soul to reproduce? Could I not have arranged the reproduction to take place in a purer manner?! But if this act of reproduction out of the order of God is the only right and possible one, a God must be able to do it just as a person! Why is this act for the people a sin and for God not; or can God under certain circumstances sin against His own order? How can God be the purest love, if He becomes guilty of a sinful human weakness?!
God as God can impossibly sin against His own order! But if He has taken up the nature of man, is his flesh able to sin or not! Must also He fight against all attacks of the flesh? If He has them, who allows it to come over Him? Is there still another higher and older God, who is steadying this young and to-be-God by all kind of heavy tests and makes Him reborn in the spirit? If this young God now sins like a man, could He also be rejected as man?
Could the old Egyptians not be right regarding their genealogy for the main gods? Uranus produced with Gea, Cronos (Saturn, time), who all the time destroys his works. Zeus, as the will of Cronos, is saved by love, grows up in secrecy and becomes exceedingly powerful. The power of Zeus places Uranus and Cronos in everlasting retirement, rules absolutely alone and creates the people on earth, for which he is tormented a lot by all kinds of human weaknesses, according to the destiny of the terrible, unfathomable Fate as the primordial oldest God. The Fate seems to be the unknown great God; but now, sort of tired of ruling, he invisibly and unknown has placed a God-spark in a pure maiden and has now become youthful and by this son created himself a successor, and it is Him standing now in front of us and makes His first attempts to rule!
I could still tell you a great number of such offshoots, of which such a doubt forest consists, and in which other undergrowth and weed it can generate. But since the seed has been destroyed in you, you are now clean, and there can be no talk of any further blossoming of the weed; and since you have been completely cleaned, you are suitable to become one of My first disciples.
By the way you will now understand, how and why this little maiden with all her love clings on to Me. Since as much as this little maiden loves Me, nobody of you loves Me; since your love is more an amazement about My wisdom and about My for you incomprehensible miracles. But this little maiden loves Me completely purely for sake of Myself, since she knows who is residing in Me. And this is worth more than to admire Me as God, since it must be clear to everyone, that with God all things are possible. This is also good, but the other is better.
What would you prefer more: if people love you, because you are a person, or only because you are a wise person and knowledgeable in all kind of arts? The first love originates from life and seizes again life; the second, however, originates from the sense of art and only seizes the art and science of him, who possesses it. Tell Me now, which love do you regard as higher?"
Says Simon: "Obviously the first! Since who loves me already as a person, will also love me even more so as a wise man and artist; but who loves me because he is of the opinion that I'm a wise man and an artist, will soon be finished with this love, if he learns that I'm not wise and not be an artist! Therefore is this purest love for You, o Lord, of this little maiden, truly an example love and by far exceeds all of us in a high degree!
Of course, certainly does a maiden loves a man for the sake of himself easier and more natural than one man another man; if, however, a man with his mind and heart regards deeply the value of a person, a brother, he will, feeling and recognizing his own value, also respect and love his fellow-man irrespective his properties. And if in future he discovers some secret, quite venerating properties of him, his love surely will intensify! - O Lord! Every word and teaching of Yours is great and elated and in all eternity of eternities the truth!"