Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 178 -
On the nature of the angels. Heart and memory.

lso the other guests still help themselves, and especially again Raphael, which gives Cornelius finally a reason to make a somewhat laconic remark, which he so to speak whispers to the Romans sitting alongside him. These Romans were Faustus and Julius, and the remark of Cornelius was as follows: "To people of flesh and blood these most well prepared fishes are tasting quite good, and they can eat a great number of them; but the spirit Raphael, who does not have any flesh and blood, could measure up to the giant Hercules and the Philistine Goliath! Strange, how such a spirit can eat so much! He already consumes the twelfth fish, and for a spirit this is truly miraculously quite a lot! I have not eaten one fish, while the angel in the same time has eaten twelve! No, this is too much! I belief he could eat another twelve!"
Says the angel: "Not only twelve, but ten times hundred-thousand times twelve in one moment, even if all of them would be large wales, like the one in whose belly the prophet Jonas took up some a little uncomfortable accommodation for three full days!
I do not need the fish for food, but certainly for the forming of this nature-spiritual ether, from which I according to the will of the Lord must form and temporary maintain this visible body, which, although spirit, does not have a shortages of flesh and blood. Look here, are these no veins and this no flesh?!
That it is in my from the Lord received power, to dissolve this body in an instant and to pull it together again, lies in my until now highest possible spiritual completion of life; but I'm not only able to dissolve this my body with my wills power in an instant, but also yours and in the same time span also the whole earth.
However, does your body not consist of flesh and blood, because I could dissolve it in an instant?! Or does the earth not consists of the most firm matter and of water, air and a countless number of primordial materials, if I also, if warranted by the Lord, could dissolve it in its primordial specific particles within an unthinkable shortest instant, so that its volume to your eyes, even if they would be something material, would appear as absolutely nothing?!
Therefore, friends, think, think, before letting flow a word over your lips, so that you as disciples of the Lord never speak any nonsense, with which you truly do not honour your Master! You now already have seen, heard and experienced quite something; but about the inner spiritual greatness and might of a - say - angel spirit, not even mentioning the everlasting spirit of God, you certainly do not have the slightest idea! But still you are able to make some sarcastic remarks about that, what an angel requires for its temporary, pseudo bodily preservation?!
Do you really think, that you could endure my true primordial light form, if I would show myself to you?! See, the fire of the light of my primordial being is powerful enough, to destroy a countless number of primordial central suns, not mentioning you and this whole earth! So that this does not happen by my presence, I must form this pseudo body according to the almighty will of the Lord and cover my actual being to such an extend, that every disturbance of the order in the judgement of matter, is avoided. Nevertheless, the matter must be prepared by my inner life fire, to be able to serve it as a protective shell! And therefore I must necessarily take in more material food than any of you.
You did not know this and couldn't know this; however, you should have known, that someone like me has not been called by the Lord in this appearance, to be a glutton or joker or a quick-magician to your annoyance, but to be useful to you in many aspects, and to give you tangible proof of the presence of the angels of God and their power! But if you understand this, how can you make sarcastic remarks about my eating habits?"
Says Cornelius: "Dear, most marvellous messenger of the Lord from heaven, do not be angry with me; since you can see, spiritually we are not more than nearly newborn children in the cradle and more a dream-life than any already completed self-consciousness! In future eat as much as you like; no one of us will ever again dare, to have even the slightest thought about it, not mentioning speaking about it. At the same time we hereby thank you for the extraordinary lesson which you, in your justified annoyance, has given us regarding our pertinacious stupidity. Since we now know about the 'why', we certainly will not make a skew judgement about the 'therefore'! But if the 'why' is foreign to us, how should we know about the 'therefore'? Therefore, again our special gratitude for your great and important lesson!"
Says Raphael: "Gratitude belongs only to the Lord, who is your as well as our Father in eternity! Let this lesson spill over to all other experiences and appearances in life, and soon you will see us angels standing as worthy brothers at your side! You should not criticise or laugh at anything, except at lies and deception! Since the liar should always stand in disgrace and the deceiver be exposed, so that he tastes the fruit of lies and deception!
At any other opportunity you should gently teach the erring people. If they take note afterwards, it is fine and good; if they are not taking note, you then can pull the wires more taut! If this is also to no avail, lock such wilful into a correctional facility and let them fast and if necessary punish with rods; since with a right and good punishment, the rod should not be absent! Also we, as your secret educators, make use of it with the people who are wilful and very stubborn. Also this lesson keep and execute it where necessary, and you will walk among people; otherwise among all kind of wild animals, who are stuck in human larvae!"
Says Cyrenius: "Lord, did the angel took this out of himself - or did he took everything from You?"
Says I: "My friend, your memory has again become a little short! Didn't I, a few days ago, has explained carefully to you, what the angels are, and how they think, want and act, and now you again ask about it! If they are only animated forms by Me, what self-like do they have? What thought can they think for themselves, since they are only an extension of My will and a collection vessel of My thoughts and My ideas and intentions?
If they should think, want and act independently, they first had to dine like you at the children's table and bless this earth in your flesh! From this it is clear like daylight, that this, what the angel Raphael now has told you, is My word, My speech and My will, which you have to observe, just as if I Myself had spoken directly to you.
You must take My words deeper at heart, then they will not become so easily unfaithful to your memory; since everything what the heart has accepted in a living manner, stays most firm also in memory, and you can access it quite easily at a suitable opportunity. But if you only want to memorize what I have told you, you will largely forget about it within one year at least a hundred times; since when you are older, the memory is not as juicy as in the youth. However, already the youth forgets quite easily what they have learned, not mentioning older people. But what the heart has seized, has entered life and stays forever!
I say to you, whatever you have absorbed into memory in this world, not one iota will remain in the beyond; therefore all dry world scholars appear in the beyond like deaf, blind and mute, does not know anything and cannot recall anything. Not seldom they arrive in the beyond bare of any concept, like a baby born into this world from the mother's womb. They first have to learn and experience everything from the first elements, otherwise they would stay deaf, blind and mute into eternity and would have nothing than a vague feeling of being, however, without feeling that it is them who already were on earth. All this must foremost be taught to them bit by bit in the most sensual manner.
Where there is darkness in the heart of a person, also the whole person is dark; but where there is light and brightness, the whole person is illuminated, and he can never become dark again! Therefore, take immediately to heart what you hear, and soon there will be light in you!
If all of you have understood that and absorbed it into your hearts, let us prepare for something else! What soon will arrive, will make you think a lot; but you also will learn a great deal from it and when the times comes, make the best use from it."